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  • Brand: SIMGOT
  • Model: EW200
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SIMGOT EW200 10mm SCP Diaphragm Dual-Magnetic-Circuit & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphone


EW200, Chinese code name "Zhenlong". Take the meaning of " innovation and ingenuity". Since the listing of the flagship EA2000, SIMGOT Technology has begun to plan to decontrol the technologies obtained in the development of the flagship [double magnetic double cavity dynamic] and a number of [new diaphragm]. (two-way foil) The EA500 is the first technology to be decontrol. The EW200 inherits the same dual-magnetic dual-cavity dynamic as the EA500, and for the first time uses a double-sided vapor deposition SCP silicon crystal diaphragm originally reserved for the new flagship. It uses advanced diaphragm manufacturing process and innovative material application, so that it has both DLC and LCP sound quality advantages, once became the new flagship diaphragm alternative material. Then why put it on EW200? The reason is very simple, since the development of SCP, SIMGOT have developed three new and stronger diaphragms for the new flagship and super flagship, and SIMGOT need a dominant product in this price segment. So the EW200 was born.

*EW200 is JAS "Hi-Res Audio" certified, representing recognition of the industry standard for high quality audio. With the EW200, you can enjoy a more realistic listening experience, as if you were live.

Core highlight

10mm dual magnetic circuit dual cavity dynamic driver

Double-sided vapor deposited silicon crystal diaphragm

Precision multi-layer tuning system

Appropriately unify the curves of SIMGOT-Classic and H-2016

Alloy casting and CNC post-treatment machine mirror plating process

Wear around the ear, stable and comfortable

2pin 0.78mm detachable design

High purity oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable

Three frequency balance, clear image, rich detail, wide sound field

The dual magnetic circuit dual cavity derived from the flagship technology is not internal magnetic or external magnetic, but internal magnetic + external magnetic

It is powerful driver configuration, powerful acoustic indicators. It is from the power of flagship decentralization. The EW200 uses a 10mm dual magnetic circuit dual cavity driver. Different from the two single magnetic circuit forms of "internal magnetic type" and "external magnetic type" commonly used in moving-coil headphones, the dual magnetic circuit system of the EW200 provides both internal and external magnetic circuits. Combined with the N52 strength magnet, the acoustic driver has a higher magnetic field strength and amazing performance. It greatly improves the dynamic range and transient capability of the earphone, providing a wider bandwidth range. Make the music more detailed, you will be able to feel the shock of the music and the sense of presence, as if you are in the scene.

You've never seen a two-sided vapor deposition SCP silicon crystal diaphragm before

The EW200 uses a new type of diaphragm material originally stored for the new flagship [double-sided vapor deposition SCP silicon crystal diaphragm]. The diaphragm is made of special polymer film as substrate and mixed silicon deposited by double-sided sputtering. It combines the strengths of DLC(diamond-like diaphragm) and LCP(liquid crystal diaphragm), which not only maintains the medium frequency performance of LCP diaphragm with high density and the high frequency extension, gorgeous texture and powerful analysis of DLC diaphragm, but also overcomes the defects of DLC diaphragm with high frequency that is not easy to control and slightly stimulated under some sound sources. Really done, gorgeous and moist, high frequency rich sense of layer, air sense.

Through the special forming process and the precise mixing material, the shape and quantity of the hanging pattern are adjusted after a lot of tests, so that the dome rigidity of the diaphragm and the compliance of the hanging edge can achieve just the right coordination. This design optimization makes the low frequency of the diaphragm full texture, medium frequency natural and dense, high frequency fine and gorgeous, and ultra-high frequency rich air sense. Further, with the strong driving force of the double magnetic circuit double cavity dynamic driver, the diaphragm and the magnetic circuit cavity reach a harmonious balance.

A complex and sophisticated multi-layer tuning system

The small body contains sophisticated, multi-layered tuning. Some exist in the form of tuning cloth, and some exist in the form of structural characteristics and volume characteristics. From the sound tube, the front cavity side hole to the second cavity of the driver, the 3-layer tuning cloth is accurately controlled. From the front cavity design to the second cavity design, a variety of means are cleverly integrated. Just to reach the optimal solution of the system.

Saturated research and development can lift the weight of light

EW200 uses advanced finite element simulation technology, from the shape of the diaphragm to the driver magnetic circuit, and then to the earphone cavity, to calculate the local optimal solution of the earphone, in order to optimize the acoustic performance and design efficiency, improve the performance of diaphragm parameters and cavity resonance, so as to further improve the acoustic performance of the earphone. Using an efficient process, combining simulation with multiple experimental debugging, EW200 has a wide range of dynamic performance and transient characteristics, showing rich texture of low and medium frequency and detailed and thorough high frequency.

Double goal curve unity, gorgeous and moist harmony

The EW200 integrates H-2016 and SIMGOT-Classic target curves. The first and second peaks are controlled between the two target curves. It has the characteristics of three-frequency balance, gorgeous and moist sound characteristics, transparent balance, natural and accurate sound field, rich details, wide sound field, etc. Good adaptability to sound sources. It is the appropriate unity of "HiFi ", "monitoring " and "music ".

*H-2016 Target Curve is a popular tuning style that is very versatile. Three-frequency in high balance, accurate positioning, accurate sound field restoration, sound steady and full. It has strong adaptability and compatibility for different music types and sound sources with poor recording quality. High frequency brightness may be insufficient, and ultra-high frequency air sense may be lacking.

* The target curve of SIMGOT-Classic ensures accurate positioning and clear image, and makes the instrument more beautiful, the separation stronger, and the female vocal more toxic under the dimension of three-frequency balance. It may be slightly weak for poor recording adaptability.

Elegant and powerful, mirror-like silver all-metal body

Adopt high density alloy metal casting process and CNC fine carving processing, many complex processes and processing. Not only has a strong and durable body, but also due to the fine uneven surface in the cavity, it can effectively suppress standing waves and provide a more pure sound bottom. With mirror plating process, it has the elegance of art.

Note: Alloy casting process is metal mold opening process. Although the whole machine has been carefully manually polished, there may still be "appearance defects" such as slight closing line traces in some parts, which does not affect the function and use of the product.

Stable and reliable 2-pin detachable cable design, high quality oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable

EW200 standard equipped with a high quality oxy-free copper silver-plated cable with 2pin 0.78mm detachable cable design. Effectively improve the separation and transparent, making the sound bottom crystal clear, the vocal and instruments more beautiful and clean. The detachable cable design also leaves space for replacement for your subsequent cable upgrade, increasing the interest of the product. And the use of a better life of the 2-pin mother base system for durability escort.

All-around player in games and video, impeccable

HiFi earphone itself can act as a high-level game earphone, when H-2016 curve and SIMGOT-Classic as the target curve, its accurate and true restoration characteristics and sound field positioning, image level, will make it at the same time have excellent video and game playback capabilities. Exciting low frequency accurate positioning, space sound full, trigger pull sound, footsteps can be heard clearly. Make you to be a step ahead of all. Excellent sound insulation performance, enjoy the sound effects of private cinema.

Solid and comfortable ear around wear like a stage singer shine

In order to build the EW200 into a small, delicate and comfortable earphone, SIMGOT sampled a large number of 3D auricle data for ergonomic design, making it highly fit the human ear auricle. With the help of ear around wearing and light body, stable and comfortable, effectively reduce the stethoscope effect. Enjoy the music without fear of dropping the earphones.


Model: EW200

Driver: 10mm dual magnetic circuit dual cavity dynamic driver

Diaphragm: double-sided vapor deposited silicon crystal diaphragm

Impedance: 16Ω±15%(@1kHz)

Sensitivity: 126dB/Vrms(@1kHz)

Frequency response: 10Hz-50kHz

Effective frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Cable: high-purity OFC silver-plated cable

Plug: 3.5mm

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