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Smabat ST-10s

Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
Smabat ST-10s
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  • Brand: Smabat
  • Model: ST-10s
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Smabat ST-10s 40ohm/150ohm Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Earbud

Black-silver version is 40ohm

Black-gold version is 150ohm


Sound quality

The acoustic structure is the same as the ordinary version, but due to the use of customized high-impedance units, professional playback equipment with higher power will have a clearer mid-range treble performance.
Black and gold color matching, timeless classic, highlighting luxury.

Patented maze shape acoustic cavity
St-10s has designed a longer maze structure to enhance the performance of vocal effects and treble sound, the bass becomes very flexible, and the instruments and vocals are very clear.

Acoustic design similar to home audio
"Maze Acoustic Structure" has been used in high-end home audio. Smabat technology was redesigned for the first time at the beginning of 2018. It is applied to earphones and has a breakthrough music listening experience.

Unique tuning makes the sound pleasant
The earphone incorporates the patented tuning technology of 
Smabat Technology, more sound details, more mellow and saturated music, and hearty.

Give you a sound experience

In the overall sense, the human voice is very good, with sweet and comfortable sound quality. The bass is excellent under the adjustment of the maze structure, and the medium frequency sweet is full of vitality. The treble details are accurate and clear, without a large number of dental, giving playing to the characteristics of the titanium metal diaphragm, which sounds very comfortable.

Mid-range treble silver-plated wire to transmit music
Professional cable, silver-plated oxygen-free copper surface, better transmission performance, restore the true effect of music.


Model: smabat-ST-10s

Drive unit: 15.4mm custom

Frequency response: 10Hz-25kHz

Black-silver version

Drive unit impedance: 40ohm

Film material: 2nd 3-laying film

Tone: warm sound

Cable: silver-plated cable

Black-gold version

Drive unit impedance: 150ohm

Film material: custom dome film

Tone: mid-cold sound

Cable: mixed cable



1.2m mixed cable

2 pairs of solid foam eartips

2 pairs of donut foam eartips

Storage bag

Jose 21/05/2022

Smabat is opening a coherent path. Its new models are not mere iterations, but seek to offer new sensations. This time, the ST-10S have taken the characteristics of the two previous models, to create a different tuning, which is halfway between both, gaining in scene and separation, but offering a unique sound and not continuous, aimed at neutrality. And there lies its virtue, since there are improvements, but also innovations and differences.

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Smabat ST-10s 40ohm/150ohm Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi EarbudBlack-silver version is 40ohmBlack-gold version is 150ohmDescriptionSound quality..