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Smabat ST20

Smabat ST20 - ST20

Smabat ST20 50ohm LCP Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi Earbud


The third generation of acoustic tuning technology, immersive and shocking listening.

Smabat ST20 is Smabat boldest innovation yet.

Smabat has been incorporating innovative ideas into products from Svara to M2s modular earphones and the X series of manual tuning earphones are our exploration of the future from HiFi products. Today, the ST20 is our proudest product.

Home audio grade conch acoustics, manufacturing ST20 earphone main shell tuning structure

Conch labyrinth acoustic tube in ST20.

Conch labyrinth acoustics B&W for high-ended equipment.

Conch acoustic principle

Low frequency resonance frequency is lower heavier bass, deeper, more flexible.

Comfortable as a cloud

Earbuds on the market with a diameter of 17mm or more, it is not suitable for users with small ears. If the size of the earbuds is reduced, the sound quality will be lost.

Smabat thought of a structure where the unit is rear make earbuds smaller and thinner without sacrificing sound quality comfortable ears without foreign body sensation.

ST20, 50ohm LCP liquid crystal diaphragm unit

LCP dome liquid crystal: film, improve treble clarity

PU elastic film: stronger low frequency energy output

8 strands silver-plated hybrid cable

Sound driver

It is the core of sound quality, diaphragm directly affects the quality of earbuds.

Use composite diaphragms compared with the traditional single-layer diaphragm unit, the distortion is low and the audio signal is output clearly.

Smabat earbuds course

Introduced SVARA in 2017 to solve low frequency and mid frequency problems, various acoustic structures were tested using 3D printing technology and CNC metal.

SVARA in 2017, ST-10 in 2018, ST-10s in 2019, Super one in 2020.

4 years later, the ST20 is the last product.

Founder’s message

So far, all earbuds on the market haven’t found the technology to make good earbuds. Smabat did it, the world’s first earbuds with balanced armature + dynamic hybrid unit, and Smabat will keep exploring remember to pay attention to the development of Little Bat Technology. Smabat will share the product design and development process with you last sentence: It is an honor to present such an excellent product to you.

ST20 sound style

Warm sound: full mids, thicker, more powerful bass, precise highs.


Driver: LCP unit

Sensitivity: 115dB

Impedance: 50Ω

Frequency response: 10-24kHz

Cable: 8 strands silver-plated hybrid braided cable

Plug: 3.5mm


ST20 earbuds

2 pairs of solid foam eartips

2 pairs of donut foam eartips

3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter

3.5mm 8 strands silver-plated hybrid braided cable

Storage bag

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