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SMSL M2 MAX9722 Portable Headphone Amplifier ES9023+ SA9027 DAC USB Decoder


  • MINI computer USB decoder (External sound card).
  • Uses asynchronous audio transmission technology .
  • Supports ASIO, WASAPI drive.
  • Also have the line output, optical signal output and Headset amplifying output.
  • Using purified computer power supply directly, very convenient to use.
  • Ultra small size (thickness, width as the iPhone 4S), easy to carry.
  • You enhance the computer sound choice. 

USB receiver chip: SA9027

  • SA9027 is a high performance audio stream processors, USB full speed compatible. Focus on the SA9027 also supports asynchronous mode, so the local clock to reduce the output jitter,: DSD2PCM play; support for Apple feedback mode (Apple comes with drivers, no need to install) it contains a set of stereo playback and recording channels and a set of IEC60958 S / PDIF transceiver channel. SA9027 is an ideal choice for stereo digital audio interface applications. Its resolution and sample rate can be configured separately for the 16/24 bit and 32 / 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96KHz.

DAC decoder chip: ES9023

  • ESS's ES9023 is a 24bit stereo audio digital-analog converter chip (DAC), and the king's ES9018 chip with a door, integrated chip 2Vrms output driver amplifier. Uses the industry's advanced digital SABRE - analog conversion technology, the chip set the best sound quality, cost-effective in one, making it ideal for digital to analog conversion. Can be used in Blu-ray player, CD / DVD, HD set-top boxes, digital TV or audio receiver equipment and other products. 
  • ES9023 internal use patented ultra-stream (Hyper stream) architecture and time-domain jitter elimination technology, making it possible to achieve record levels of jitter-free sound quality, dynamic range up to 112dB. 
  • Because the chip integrates a charge pump can generate a negative voltage, ES9023 can refer directly to the output ground 2Vrms, eliminating the coupling capacitor DC voltage isolation in a single power supply. Moreover, the output amplitude according to actual needs, set by the resistance less than 2Vrms level. Noise can also switch to full suppression. Dedicated control / status pin allows the microcontroller to control in the absence of circumstances easily integrated into the system.

Headphone amplifier chip: MAX9722

  • MAXIM (Maxim) MAX9722 stereo headphone amplifier is limited board space for portable devices Design.
  • MAX9722 uses a unique, patented Direct Drive architecture, in order to produce a single supply Ground-referenced output, eliminates the need for large-capacity DC-blocking capacitors, saving board space and component Height. 
  • Integrated noise suppression circuitry, a comprehensive noise suppression circuit during startup and shutdown process can be inhibited clicks 

Sound and crackling. 

  • Low-power shutdown mode reduces supply current to 0.1μA. 
  • Each channel can be provided to a 16 ohm load or 32 ohm load power 70mW or 130mW power, and only 0.009% THD + N. 
  • 217kHZ frequency with 80dB power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), so the device can work in a noisy few under the word power, no power linear regulator.
  • Sample rate: 32~96KHz (including 88.2KHz)
  • Width: 16~24Bit
  • USB transmission specifications: USB2.0, asynchronous audio transmission
  • THD+N:DAC <0.003% amp <0.005%
  • Frequency response: 10Hz~48KHz
  • Impedance adaptation: 8 Ω ~600Ω
  • The maximum output power: 130mW + 130mW / 32.Ω
  • Dynamic range: 110dB (24Bit)
  • Signal to noise ratio: DAC>105dB amp >100dB
  • The output amplitude: 2Vrms
  • Power consumption: <0.5W
  • Size: 87 X 58.5 X 9.6mm


  • SMSL M2 headphone amp
  • USB Cable

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