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Sound Rhyme DTE500

Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
Sound Rhyme DTE500 EST
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Sound Rhyme DTE500 2EST+ 2BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid  2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones IEMs


Hand polishing

Personalization panel

0.78mm connector

Resin housing

5 hybrid + electrostatic driver combination

Crossover capacitance

Detachable cable design

Three-channel sound guide system

Five drivers, dynamic, balanced armature, electrostatic configuration

Conventional electrostatic drivers require a special amplifier to raise the voltage to drive the driver. EIVEC wide-area electrostatic driver transformer, developed by EMPIRE EARS, has a miniature design, which can be flexibly used in earphones with complex driver structure. Ultra-high voltage transformer efficiency enables the electrostatic driver to emit high frequency up to 100kHz. Powerful internal processing design enables the electrostatic driver to emit accurate sound. Combined with other drivers, it brings three frequency average and natural timbre.

Low frequency dynamic driver: using three layers of composite film, driven by N50 NdFeb magnet, making the low frequency more smooth, natural and loose.

Balanced armature driver: using Sonion 2300 and Knowles ES30095, the balanced armature combination makes the intermediate frequency more solid and powerful with the sweet vitality of the voice.

High frequency/ultra-high frequency balanced armature: use of high-end Sonion one for two electrostatic driver, so that DTE500 sound texture and high frequency more smooth and bright, sound details more rich and full.

3-in-1 modular cable,Plug and play, clear conduction

Suitable for 4.4mm balanced/2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm stereo, compatible with most stage equipment and high-end players.

Precision transmission, three-channel sound tube system

Thanks to high precision 3D printing technology, the separated conduit structure was designed. The low frequency and medium frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency are independently tube to output the sound, so that the sound reverberation has a better processing and interpretation of sound separation and image.

DLP-3D printing technology allows the structure to break the imagination

DLP 3D printing technology is adopted. Under the high-precision 3D printing technology, the printing precision, printing efficiency and curing light uniformity are improved qualitatively. Each structural detail is more accurate and stable, and the exquisite internal structure is realized which is difficult to be achieved by traditional technology.

Biological adaptability, resin shell

Rugged, aesthetically designed, selected materials.

Innovation breakthrough, stable quality

Using egger skin-friendly resin, supported by high-precision turnover and CNC high-speed fine carving processing technology, each structural detail is more accurate, realizing the exquisite internal structure and appearance color that is difficult to achieve with traditional technology.

CIEM-like wearing experience, CIEM-like comfort

The excellent combinations of industrial design and ergonomics, the collection of thousands of human ear data model, the use of 3D high-precision printing in accordance with human ear structure, to ensure that the earphone provides comfortable, safe fit and effective noise isolation.

Make the cable with heart

Using single crystal copper plated thick silver cable, the material is full of 48 cores in each core. 6 strands 0.06X7 0.1X1 coaxial twisted Litz structure weave, the skin uses transparent and environmental protection TPU material, visible real material.


Model: DTE500

Driver: 1 dynamic + 2 balanced armature + 2 electrostatic

Frequency response: 20Hz-22kHz

Sensitivity: 112±3dB

DC impedance: 17Ω

Sound insulation: 30dB

Cable length: 125cm

Connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Plug: detachable L-shape 3.5mm stereo/4.4mm balanced /2.5mm balanced plug


Sound Rhyme DTE500

AmericanSpirit 05/04/2023

—[More details?]
Please visit Sound Rhyme impression thread for full details:

For a quasi-double blind cross comparison review which constitutes by 11 top performing IEMs totaling over $10,000+ in cost:

DTE500 is a qdc tuned IEM with its primary focus in warm and natural bass floor, very rich overtones, and Monarch beating very clear air /finesse, meanwhile Neon Pro has more energetic treble with a bit less elevated mid compared to other two, with powerful head knocking bass. Anole VX has matured and calmer tonal balance among all three yet reserved best resolving and layering capabilities when called.

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