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Soundaware A1 HIFI Streaming Music Player Multifunctional Integrated Desktop with DAC and Dual Headphone Amplifier


One equals six, I have all that you need

Multifunctional streaming music player

Support Roon Ready, Airplay, DLNA, Samba etc, sampling rate to PCM 384kHz and DSD256. Patented FPGA technology optimized LAN/WAN player with dual headphone output.

HIFI Bluetooth DAC/headphone amplifier

HIFI level Bluetooth dual headphone output processed by FPGA clock.

CD player and ripper

Connected to appointed USB driver, A1 can play and rip CD in high precision mode.

SD card/HDD music player

Large capacity SD card/HDD supported, high performance off-line music player.

High-performance interface & network digital transport

Inherited technology from 300 series, A1 has the interface and transport system based on the latest patent FPGA algorithm.

Pure HIFI system, meant for sound quality

HIFI system (32Bit/384kHz)

Lasted good sound quality

Life beyond ten years

Low power consumption and high performance

All linear low noise


Easy to be jammed


Limited storage supported

Destroy Android framework


High consumption

Many interference

All switching power supply

System need optimization

High latency

Flagship structure, major breakthrough

Patent structure designed specialized for Hi-End

Provide each format of music with precise clock, denoising process and synchronous playback.

After 5 times FPGA upgrade, the structure achieved a new high level in both functionality and performance.


Performance doubles with main clock remained too low to reduce greatly of the low frequency noise because of rising clock frequency

Redesigned CPU board and program optimization improve 30% of the CPU performance.

Core technology & HiFi material

Full DC single end amplification technology

Reduce the distortion of DA chip in amplification process. The sound is more real without the distortion of coupling capacitance’s phase position, frequency response and information content. But it has higher standard of the material precision and matching. So we choose high-precision MUSE operational amplifier, thus the analog amplifier of A1 all adopts high-precision material to amplify symmetrically.

Adopting MR1 V2’s analog DA power supply technology

MR1 V2 decreases internal resistance of analog power supply from 200 milliohm to 10 milliohm instantaneously, discharge ability increases by 20 times with lower noise to better output perfect waveform.

Top power supply, HiFi design

Adopting high quality iron core transformer and high current power filter, analog and digital linear power supply separately. Soundaware remains independent power supply for ARM, USB, FPGA and analog linear, almost all the 20 secondary power supply lines adopt the LDO voltage stabilization with ultra-low noise. Core capacitors include rubycon ZLH class high frequency low resistance series, ELNA CERAFINE and other classic material. Tune style is more close to M2pro and A280 Femto, featuring transparent, delicate and Hi-Res sound.

HiFi is more than above

Roon ready support

Play lossless PCM384kHz and native DSD256

Rich off-line music management

Qobuz, HQplayer and Tidal all support

Seamless playback

As a most important feature in HIFI field, seamless playback in same frequency is equipped with native and Roon ready play, bringing brilliant experience as playing CD and SACD.

FPGA HiFi level Bluetooth

Adopting the same-designed FPGA of A300 plus independent high precision ultra-low noise clock to process secondary jitter process, so as to achieve high fidelity playback from Bluetooth.

Big screen & big font, plug & play storage

Direct operate via buttons and remote, regardless of the distance.

Abundant online music supported


HiFi Bluetooth


Roon Ready

USB interface

High performance sound card and interface technology: XMOS provides data channel, FPGA processes jitters in the standard of HiFi level, offering an interface that combines cellphone, Pad and PC. Then the amplification works in mono, native and full DC condition, plus better isolation and optimization, thus perform close to the playback effect of FPGA.

Multiple ways to colocation

Infrared/ buttons, cellphone/buttons, cellphone, tablet/ App, PC software control

A1 is designed to be more than just an excellent music player, but the highlight of the whole interior decoration, thus more colors are coming on the way.

Headphone/headset, dual driving design, build-in headphone amp can be closed. RCA line out to fancy headphone amp can drive reference headphones as well.



SD card socket: theoretical 2TB, 400G under real test. Support FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS format.

USB 2.0 *2(Type A): max current is 600mA, up to 2TB single partition.

Suggested to use high speed SD card and original SSD with box when play files above 192kHz because it requires more of the response speed and stability.

Network: 100mbp/s, support SAMBA(NAS)(192KhZ, 32BIT DSD64), DLNA, Roon Ready, Airplay.

HIFI level Bluetooth: Real-timely supports APTX and other general Bluetooth standard audio playback protocol, max volume of the cellphone/Pad, let A1to control volume thus to get the lowest distortion.

USB interface based on FPGA: support 32bit 384kHz, DSD256(above DSD128 need install THESYCON driver).


3.5mm headphone jack: optimized for earbuds, high sensitivity low impedance headphone, reduce background noise.

6.35mm headphone jack: designed for low sensitivity full-size headphones or headsets.

Suggested to listen in high volume, distortion will low to 0.004% when in volume 99.

RCA*2: 1.8V RMS

Coaxial: 0.5V P-P192kHz, DSD64 DoP 24Bit

Optical: 24Bit 96kHz

Index tested on samples

THD+N: ≤0.002%(RCA & headphone amp)

Frequency ratio: 116dB

SNR: 109dB

Background noise: -120dB

Undistorted output power with 6.35mm headphone amp(THD+N≤0.004%, 3.5mm is even less)suggested to listen in high volume, distortion low to 0.004% when in volume 99.

16Ω: 540mW*2

32Ω: 466mW*2

100Ω: 213mW*2

300Ω: 80mW*2




WAV: 32Bit 384kHz

FLAC: 24Bit 384kHz

APE: 48kHz, compression level under extra high

ALAC: ≤48kHz

AIFF: ≤48kHz

MP3: ≤48kHz

AAC: ≤48kHz

Support ISO, CUE.

Seamless playback in same frequency is available with native playback.

Roon Ready: native supports DSD256, PCM 32Bit 384kHz, Tidal, Qobuz, MQA and seamless playback in same frequency.

Airplay: support apple system to seamlessly push music to A1.

DLNA: support local music remote play, control and internet streaming.


Soundware A1


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