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SOUNDAWARE A280C HIFI DAC DSD Integrated Network Streaming Lossless Desktop Music Player


A super desktop with concise, convenient utility features

The design of A280C is based on SOUNDAWARE national patented professional high - fidelity streaming music playback architecture, which bases on the FPGA and dual native audio crystal oscillator to decode the audio file, obtaining highest performance and minimum jitter.

The principle of PCM and DSD sampling

No matter which sampling type is used , the importance is the original playback.

For DSD data music files, the best choice to choose a device which could support DSD original playback. Why ?

The PCM sampling time is equal, and the sampling time interval is related with sampling frequency. The sampling frequency could be increased to approach to the analog signal at the best, ensure the signal is simulated digitally.

Then the DSD is different from the PCM. When the signal sharply changes, the data sampled in this period of time could be very large; otherwise, when the signal is flat, the sample data would be very little.

With one analog signal, choose PCM or DSD to sampling and playback, the effect is very different. The core reason is that the PCM is sampled by equal time, which makes the sound more sensitive on the dynamic. However the DSD playback makes the sound more smooth, less harsh, since the DSD can exactly react the change trend.

SOUNDAWARE patented high-fidelity streaming music playback architecture

(Patent NO: 201220264227.3)

CPU deals outside facility, while FPGA handling hard decoding and excellent digital clock treatment. Both them and DAC proceeds are isolated, without mutual influence, making sure the best performance.

It inherits much optimization experience and circuit structure from A200, having the same quality, but function is more utility, But she has her own preamplifier, and could be used as digital dial player, independent DAC and headphone amplifier . Different with A200, coaxial and optical input are added which means it could be used as an independent decoder.

Independent DAC/Headphone AMP/Preamp Professional Digital output

A super desktop player integrating the convenience, utility and Hi-Fi sound

Since the beginning of 2013, SOUNDAWARE started developing one player, which could support decoding DSD format files directly, instead of converting DSD data into PCM firstly , that used on all of the present high fidelity playback products at that time. Until 2014, after obtaining the program of 1 Bit DSD original playback, R&D have to conquer the barrier of developing another effective control method and circuit module. Ultimately, they succeed and apply the original playback architecture to high fidelity products.


SD*1: theoretical maximum, storage is 2TB, actual inspect is 128GB

support the format of FAT32 and NTFS

USB*2 (power supply 500ma*2): support USB 1.0, USBl.1, USB2.0, compatibly USB3.0, Hard disk 4TB and 2TB parttion, both at Maximum

Internet: 100Mbps Full Duplex, support NAs(samba), UPNP/DLNA Vl.5

Power supply: 230V or 115V (sees the specification on the package), 50-60HZ

Coaxial Input: 16-24bit, 44.1khz - 192khz PCM

Optical input: 16-24bit, 44.1khz - 96khz PCM

Output interface

l) Digital output:

Coaxial output: 16-24bit, 44.1khz - 192khz PCM; DSD64 DOP 1.0

Optical output: 16-24bit, 44.1khz - 96khz PCM

2) Analog output

RCA * 2: 1.8V RMS THD + N: <=0.003 % (44.1khz, 1khz DS3)

Phone out: 8.5V RMS THD+N: < =0.002 % (44.1khz, 1khz DS3)

Other Specification

Power dissipation: < 15W (no USD hard disk), Standby Dissipation: <=5W

Dimension: 240W*103H*305D m³

Weight (with the package): 6kg

Firmware Function

1) Remote control

Below format just support stereo music with 16-32bit (32bit just support Integer)


FLAC: all compression grade of 32khZ~192khz

APE: below the compression grade of 32khz~48khz Extra High

WAV: 32khz~192khz

AAC: 44.1khz, normally compression grade

ALAC: 44.1khz

Mp3: 44.1khz, normally compression grade

AIFF: 44.1khz, normally compression grade

DSD (DS64 not the compression from DST)


Other CUE

2) DLNA/UPNP (phone, tablet, computer play, local push)

Besides the format which are supported by the remote controlling, will exploit to support more format of PCM, DSD.

3) Others

Support CD-One: play CD and ripper from the CD actually, to be CDT or CDP

Support the connecting play between ISO and CUE seamlessly.

Support language

1) Player’s language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English

2) Displayed language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arabic , Greek


Soundaware A280C

Remote control


16G SD card

Power line


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