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Soundaware M1 Esther FPGA Decoding 1Bit DSD/192KHZ PCM Portable Music Player


Five buttons, independent of the menu and return key, the whole blind operation

  • Golden Ratio: 115mm X 59mm
  • Excellent grip: the thinnest part only 14MM, 15mm grip section about
  • Blind operation optimization: precise definition of key functions, thumb reach comfort zone

Uses Hi-End Professional Desktop fidelity patented architecture, laying the foundation for good sound quality(Patent Number: 201220264227.3)

  • Concentrated real desktop Hi-End patented solution, CPU is responsible for the interface, FPGA is responsible for hardware solutions, DAC is responsible for the DA converter, the latest FPGA algorithms, double crystal FPGA architecture, the noise processing, delay, jitter are inherited the experience of Sound flagship D100 PRO, but also inherited the experience of the analog part of the flagship A200S.

Well-designed, expensive material build

  • Use expensive FPGA chip and crystals, six layers Immersion Gold PCB design, analog amplification using po sitive and negative power supply for power, low noise, low internal resistance. Amp circuit using desktop ultra-low distortion Class AB driver circuit, with powerful drive capability from 16 Ohm -300 Ohm, even to 600 Ohm, driving HD600 or K701 even at the highest volume gain of 97% , distortion + noise is still as low as 0.003%

Only to return to the essence of enthusiast portable player, and enjoy the ultimate music anywhere

  • Ultra-low phase noise, low jitter double crystal, the measured phase noise 1KHZ up to -152dbc / hz, 10khz = -157 / hz, 10hz = -100dbc / hz
  • Sample measured Phone Out output under load distortion + noise floor <0.0009%, the background noise <= - 130db, most indicator enjoy sound even better than the flagship A200S.

Professional FPGA hardware solution, supports a variety of formats

  • PCM formats: MP3.WMA, AAC, ALAC, M4A, WAV, FLAC, APE
  • DSD formats: ISO, ESF, DFF
  • CUE sub-track file: CUE
  • The PCM supports 16bit-32bit (32bit which only supports integer), 32 khz-192khz will support more formats in the future.

Gain support for third gear, partial tone adjustment
Complete interface, to meet the demand of different scenarios

  • Professional Phone Out, Line Out and coaxial output
  • Phone Out Analog Output 2.8V RMS highest, THD + N <= 0.002% (44.1khz, 1khz ds 3), when the volume of output is 97%, distortion is still less than 0.003%, the dynamic ratio> = 113db, background noise <-130db, Line Out Output 1.4V RMS, coaxial output 192khz PCM and SACD DSD

Follow the mainstream listening concept, available in two different versions

  • Youth Edition: Youth Edition is representative of contemporary neutral sound, emphasizing the original output, through the powerful information, detail, density, control and full sound reduction contemporary scene like feel. Sound field open, neutral sound, smooth, natural, sound pollution is very low.
  • Analog Edition: fully inherited the characteristics of modern neutral sound, complete with viewer's perspective to convey the essence of music, euphemistic, rich emotion, the voice like historical picture, overall and plump, people cannot remember the quality and details and if you experience the music of the 90s, it is actually a reflection of your life.
  • The distinctions of the two editions are different FPGA algorithm, chips, capacitance and other hardware are also not the same.
  • After the simulation version with youth's appearance except that simulate edition cover engraved with a sinusoidal waveform diagram. And Analog Eiditon engraved with a sinusoidal waveform diagram on back cover.

Professional UI design, beautiful and smooth

  • 2.4 inch high-resolution Sharp IPS hard screen, clear vision

Simple, convenient and practical

  • Power on/off: 2 seconds
  • Plug Detection: Unplug the headphones, automatic pause playback
  • Playback time: 9 hours of normal use
  • Quick charge: Micro USB 2A Charging
  • Large capacity: Dual TF card (single support 128G)
  • Other features: music library scanning and management,song cut out cut out desalination, list management, will support more features like lyrics in the future.


  • Sampling rate: 32khz ~ 192khz, DSD (SACD)
  • Sample median: 16 ~ 32bit, 32bit only supports integer.
  • Channel: Stereo
  • Language selectable :English and Chinese-sim
  • Format: MP3, WMA, AAC, ALAC, M4A, CUE, WAV, FLAC, APE, ISO, DSF, DFF etc.
  • Storage: TF * 2 (single maximum support 128GB, future support will be greater), NTFS, FAT format
  • USB: Micro usb fast charging, copy songs
  • Playback time: normal listening about 9 hours
  • Line Output: 1.4V RMS
  • Coaxial output: 0.5V p-p, PCM & DSD (DOP)
  • Screen: 2.4 inch high resolution Sharp IPS hard screen
  • Distortion + Noise (headphone output): <= 0.002% (44.1khz, 1khz DS3)
  • Dynamic ratio (headphone output):> = 113db.
  • Background noise (headphone output): <=-130db.
  • Amp analog output: 2.8V RMS highest, 97% volume output, distortion <= 0.003%, desktop class AB amp circuits, power output, third gear gain
  • Clock properties (sampling tests): 10khz = -157dbc / hz, 1khz = -152dbc / hz, 10hz = -110dbc / hz
  • Filtering mode: fast and slow roll off (two different sound experience)
  • Size: 115mm * 59mm, the thinnest thickness of 14mm, holding thickness about 15mm
  • Weight: about 175g
  • Firmware Other features: music library scanning and management, partial tone sounds, album art display, lyrics display, song cut out cut out desalination, list management and so on.


  • Soundaware M1 Esther  Player
  • Charger
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Card Reader
  • TF Card (16G)


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