SOUNDAWARE M2Pro Flagship Full Balanced High Resolution DSD Professional Audiophile Music Player


The tuning of M2pro inherits it of traditional home HIFI, pursuing high reduction and the glamour of HIFI.

We turned it on speakers, headphones and earplugs to make sure of the accurate sound

M2pro has a very delicate, full and transient on low and medium frequency, medium frequency is abundant while high frequency shows a sense of smooth and density.

Soundaware started the high fidelity dual clock FPGA structure in2011, after 8years' optimization (including 3 years after MR1'S R&D), M2pro which has a completely different sound expression with MR1, guides the direction of future optimization.

Achieve Hi-end Desktop Music Player Structure in Smaller Size

Digital audio playback structure truly generating from FPGA,

Full Balance, Holosymmetry, Mono, full DC, Dual DA and Ultra resolution.

This complicated plan usually applies only in Hi-end desktops.

Truly Full Balanced Holosymmetrical Amplication and Mono Technology

Innovative professional instrumental mono technology, adopts dual DA to amplify holosymmetrically. DA reaches the top, no matter the distortion degree, resolution degree, dynamics or background noise all doubles of the index in stereo mode. Meanwhile the circuit and software control is more complex, hardware cost also increases greatly.

The price of coupling capacitance varies from 0.3 to hundred dollars, they are linked in the signal path that will affect playback quality, the cheaper ones affect more.

Full DC, Abandon Coupling Capacitance Thoroughly

Coupling Capacitance results in:

Less information, lower transparency,

worse analysis, missing details.

Phase distortion, harmonic distortion, signal distortion.

Change original tone style, such as thicken narrow down, get warm, fast or slow, etc.

Change original frequency response curve, mainly in high pitch and bass.

Coupling capacitance is not a must in sound source product, high class HiFi or hi-end products usually use complicated circuit instead of that.

We take full de circuit for the sense of reality that coupling capacitance may never provide.

Newly-designed LPF Circuit, Better Out-band Noise Removal Ability

M2pro managed to use optimized LPF to improve anti-interference performance and common-mode rejection ratio, thus to remain more original information and musicality

Reprocessed Bluetooth XMOS interface by FPGA

Being different with other brands SOUNDWARE's Bluetooth and XMOS is reprocessed by PFGA, this overall unified clock and data process results in extremely low latency of Bluetooth and lower jitters of USB DAC

Adopt power supply design and material from reference portable music player

Nearly 20 linear ultra-low noise power supply design (uv level), more than 30pcs high performance AVX high frequency low impedance tantalum capacitors and some reference composite capacitors that are better than COG.

We even use Molex, Alps, Wurth etc.

on those non-critical components.

Product Display, Well-equipped Interfaces and Expansion Capability


USB Type-C Fast Charge

USB Storage and Copy Type-C AES Type-C AES

Type-C Control


3.5mm 4 core balanced line out, fixed and adjustable level, line sequence is the same with that of MR1's pre-amp, accessible to SAW-Link analog interface, headphone amp, power amp and pre-amp etc.

Single-end Earplug or Headphone (8-300Ω)

Coax SPDIF Interface

(32khz-192khz, DSD DOP)

Balanced Earphone or Headphone (8-600Ω)

Dual XLR balanced output via extension box can be connected to full balanced input power amp, speakers and headphone amp.

Via the dual 3.5mm to saw link output analog cable (adjustable or fixed level), M2pro can be connected to extension box or to full balanced headphone amp P1 for driving full-size headphones.

USB Type-C Fast Charge

2 hours for more than 90%

Chargers over 2A, M2pro power off

Longer Battery Life with Balanced Interface

11-14 hours playing time with earplugs, balanced is longer than single-end. More than 20 hours in transport mode, pure digital out, High grade linear power supply is also recommended on M2pro, for longer battery time and better sound quality.

Brand new UI ,custom theme

Brand new UI and operation logic Super-capacity Intelligent Scanning Technology (Up to 50000songs' scanning and classification) Smart rolling and page flip, several shortcuts coming of storage seamless playback

Appearance Display, delicate and exquisite

We maintain to pursue "thin and light" in design, and the craft from Foxconn cooperation factory guarantees he matte texture and delicacy.

Product Parameter

Main specification

Color: Black/Red

Material: 3D CNC Aluminum Alloy shell


Weight: 175g

Display: Sharp Ps 2.4 inch, resolution 400 360

Storage: Dual TF card of theoretically 2T*2, supporting FAT32, Exfat, NTFS

Filter: Rapid Roll Down/Show Roll Down ( Different sound style

Track. Dual track

BluetoothSupport APTX Csr New Standard

USB DAC: 192KHZ, DSD128DSD128 need install driver

THD+N(24bit, 44.1khz)0.0006x%(LO is the best, single end/balance Po are close )

SNR116db (a-weighted)

Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (+-02db)

Background noise<8uv, <-135db (Single end 16-30092 Load

LO Level: 2.1V RMS LO or the maximum level mode)
Supported Formats

DSD: Support DSD128 (ISO, DSE, DFF), non-DST


FLAC: 32KHZA192KHZ, Compression level 1-8

APE: 32KHZ/48KHZ, Compression level under Extra high


AIFI/AAC/MP3/WMA: ≤48KHZ, Common Compression
Support iso, CUE

PS: Only stereo files of above formats are supported. 
While bit rate should be within 6-32bit(32bit should be integer data) Seamless play back under same frequency and more formats may be added as requested then
Headphone Amp Output Power(Tested on Samples Only)
Output Power under Different Impedance: 16ohm , Single-end Po distortionless Output≤0.001% :  91mw*2 , Balanced PO distortionless Output ≤0.001% :  91mw*2
Output Power under Different Impedance: 32ohm , Single-end Po distortionless Output≤0.001% : 140mw*2 , Balanced PO distortionless Output ≤0.001% :  158mw*2

Output Power under Different Impedance: 100ohm, Single-end Po distortionless Output≤0.001% :  45mw*2 , Balanced PO distortionless Output ≤0.001% : 168mw*2

Output Power under Different Impedance: 300ohm , Single-end Po distortionless Output≤0.001% : 15mw*2 ,Balanced PO distortionless Output ≤0.001% :  59mw*2
Charging Playing Time( Display off) 
Charging time :2-3hrs( Power Off, ≥2A charger

PO to IEMS; 11-14 hrs, balance longer than single-end 
Balance PO to HD600, High gain at Volume 60: 10.5hrs 
Transport Pure Digital Output)   >20hrs

LO Output: Between Po-transport Mode

PS: Support High Quality Linear Power Supply, improve sound quality while extending duration


M2PRO music player


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