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Brand: Soundaware Model: A1X
Soundaware A1X 10TH Anniversary Music Player Multifunctional Integrated Desktop with DAC and Dual Headphone AmplifierDescriptionCore technology breakthrough, A1 comprehensive upgradeSound more natural, flexible, full of real, very emotional The distortion as low as 0.0006X%One equals six, I ha..
Brand: Soundaware Model: M2Pro
SOUNDAWARE M2Pro Flagship Full Balanced High Resolution DSD Professional Audiophile Music PlayerDescriptionThe tuning of M2pro inherits it of traditional home HIFI, pursuing high reduction and the glamour of HIFI. We turned it on speakers, headphones and earplugs to make sure of the accurate so..
$999.00 $1,080.00
Brand: Soundaware Model: P1
SOUNDAWARE P1 All Discrete Circuit Full Balanced Audiophile Flagship Headphone Amplifier DescriptionThe goal is to better collocate SOUNDAWARE®’ s reference sound output while also rescue the audiophiles out of the headache predicament of choices between current existing headphone amplif..
Brand: Soundaware Model: A280C
SOUNDAWARE A280C HIFI DAC DSD Integrated Network Streaming Lossless Desktop Music PlayerDescriptionA super desktop with concise, convenient utility featuresThe design of A280C is based on SOUNDAWARE national patented professional high - fidelity streaming music playback architecture, which bases..
Brand: Soundaware Model: MR1
Soundaware MR1 Full Balanced FPGA Flagship Portable Lossless Music PlayerDescriptionMR1 is a portable, desktop function. It can use in the desktop, portable, car, home HI-FI system and other scenes, with high-fidelity Bluetooth, headphone amp energy pump and other unique features of the mobile f..
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