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SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips

SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips
SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips
SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips
SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips
SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips
SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips
SpinFit CP800 Silicone Eartips
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  • Brand: SpinFit
  • Model: CP800
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SpinFit CP800 Patented High Quality Silicone Eartips for In-ear Earphone(S/M)

Due to the package is 2 pairs in one pack , so if you purchase 1 pair , then we will cut it from the middle .


Patent design

  • SpinFit's unique sound tube is attached to cushion structure. This configuration enables the ear can 360 ° free rotation, this design has been multi-national patent. Patent acquisition Country: United States, EU, Japan, Taiwan, mainland China

Enhance the sound quality

  • SpinFit with the cushion structure, it is possible to make the earplug 360 °rotate freely ,it is more smoothly reaching deeper in the ear canal.
  • Headphones deeper ear canal can be isolated from the surrounding noise, better show a clear treble and rich bass, making music released closer to the original sound, full of presence.

Comfortable to wear

  • SpinFit with cushion configuration enables the earplug 360 ° freely rotate more smoothly thorough deep canal, obedient shape of the ear canal, there will be no feeling of pressure when wearing conventional eartips.
  • Traditional earplugs no cushion configuration, can only enter into the first turning of the ear canal after forcing traditional clothes ear-shaped earplugs to produce pressure, but it was able to smoothly SpinFit ear canal deep depth, You will feel not oppressed.

The difference between traditional earbuds and SpinFit

  • SpinFit can obedient ear-shaped rotating, smooth deep into the ear.
  • because obedient to the depths of the ear, can greatly enhance the treble and bass, showing a wider range.
  • In the first turning , the sound tube will not be that it can maintain sound tube is smooth, the sound does not become lower.
  • SpinFit wear comfortable, no pressure, releasing music closer to the original sound, full of presence.

Quality verification

  • When listening to music with headphones, if the eardrum is closer to headset sound hole and boost the high range, showing fine treble; also allows air does not leak, extended low range, showing heavy bass. Headphones can penetrate deep in the ear, the sealed changed for the better, and thus enhance the high range and low range, show a better sound.


  • Model : CP800
  • Available sizes :S , M

Tip diameters:

  • S: cap diameter≈11mm, cap height≈9.5MM
  • M: cap diameter≈12mm, cap height≈10MM

Compatible  these models:

  • ALTECLANSING: Bliss Gold, inMotion616, inMotion716
  • CREATIVE: Aurevana2
  • DENON: AH-C250, AH-C400
  • ETYMOTIC: ER-4P, ER-4S, ER22-B2-A, Ety-8Bluetooth, Etyblu2, HF-2, HF-3, HF-5, MC-2, MC-3, MC-5
  • FUTVRESONICS: Atrio series(All)
  • HARMANKARDON: EP-710, EP-712, EP-730
  • IFROG: Ear Pollution, Luxe   
  • JAYS: D-Jays, Q-Jays, S-Jays
  • KLIPSCH: Custom 1,2,3, Lmage e1, S3/S3m, R6i, S4, S2A, S4AII, S4i, S4Iii, S4i Rugged, S5i, X4i, X5, X7i, X10/X10i, X11i, ProMedia, Reference S4i
  • ROCK IT SOUNDS: R-20, R-30, R-50
  • TDK: BA100, BA200
  • WESTONE: Adventure Alpha, UM-1/UM-2, UM3X, UM-PRO10/20/30/50, Westone 1/2/3/4/4R, W10/W20/W30/W40/W50/W60
  • MEElectronics: A151
  • NUFORCE: Primo8
  • Hippo: proone
  • PHIATON: Ps200
  • PHILIPS: SHE9850, SHE9900
  • SHURE: E3C/4C/5C, E3g/4g, E500, i3c/i4c, SCL3/SCL4/SCL5, SE486, SE Series: 110/112/115/210/215310/315/420/425/530/535, 535LTD
  • PHONAK: PEE012/121, 111/112, 122/022, 132/232
  • Rose technology :rose Mini2

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SpinFit CP800 Patented High Quality Silicone Eartips for In-ear Earphone(S/M)Due to the package is 2 pairs in one pack , so if you purchase 1 pair , ..
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