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TFZ TEQUILA PRO Diamond Diaphragm HiFi 2-pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone Description TEQUILA PRO It is a work of TFZ brand that has been upgraded for three years. It is a new generation of ultra-high-definition resolution reference earphones, which not only strengthens the overall quality presentat..
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Brand: TFZ Model: COCO
TFZ COCO Ultra-Clear 2pin 0.78mm APT-X HiFi Bluetooth 5.1 Earphone CableDescriptionCOCO Ultra HD series supports APTX and ATTX- HD audio codec formatsCOCO distortion as low as one-thousandth which driven by Qualcomm QCC3034 chip.COCO ultra-cle..
Brand: TFZ Model: T2 Pro
TFZ T2 Pro Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Earphone IEMsOptions:T2PRO 1 pair Earphone (Only 2 sides earphones, no cable)T2PRO + Audiophile Cable (3 strands gold-plated + silver-plated + high-purity copper mixed cable )T2PRO + T2 PRO AIR BT Cable (Gray) T2PRO + T2 PRO AIR BT Cable (..
Brand: TFZ Model: MY LOVE 4
TFZ MY LOVE 4 Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-Ear Earphones DescriptionStrong PerformanceUpgrade from dual magnetic circuit two frequency division to K60 strong driveIn-Ear dynamic performance: 5 Consecutive VGP Awards1 hat sounds excitedThe K60 strong drive has huge magnetic flux,..
Brand: TFZ Model: RS
TFZ King RS Dynamic Driver 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones DescriptionFlagship brand new: KING RSRepresenting the cutting-edge acoustic technology constantly updated by TFZ brand and the sound style leading the brand in the future.It has been more than 5 years since the first gen..
Brand: TFZ Model: ESSENCE
TFZ ESSENCE Dynamic Driver 2pin 0.78mm Detachable HiFi In-ear Earphones DescriptionESSENCE is another chapter of TFZ brand opening wonderful stage music earphones, which not only inherits the features of HD resolution and warm listening sense of TFZ classic series works, but also gives it a mo..
Brand: TFZ Model: Live X
TFZ Live X Tesla Magnetic Group + 11.4mm Double Magnetic Double-Cavity Gold Diaphragm Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone Description Live X is designed for players who pursue the ultimate music experience, with brand new technology LIVE X adopts the fourth-gener..
Brand: TFZ Model: Live 3
TFZ LIVE 3 Dual Magnetic Circuit Graphene Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear EarphoneDescriptionLIVE 3 is a professional earplug carefully crafted by TFZ brandOn the basis of the VGP Golden Award unit, the super-Tesla magnetic flux is fully optimized, and the powerful diamond nano-diaphragm ..
Brand: TFZ Model: Live 1
TFZ LIVE 1 Graphene Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear EarphoneDescriptionLIVE 1, all new in-ear earphone experienceOriginal sound presentationDouble magnetic circuit coilUltra HD resolutionTwo divided frequencyGraphene Nano unitTesla magnetic fluxTop rated bass eartipsFully loaded with..
Brand: TFZ Model: TC-5
TFZ TC-5 Type-C to 3.5mm DAC Decoding Headphone Amplifier Adapter Cable SpecificationModel: TC-5Working voltage: 5.0VWorking current: 15mA-32mAWorking temperature range: -20℃ to +80℃Storage temperature range: -65℃ to +150℃Max sampling rate: stereo 96kHz/192kHz/384kHz @ 16/24/32Bit(n..
Brand: TFZ Model: King Edition
TFZ KING EDITION Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone with 2 Tuning SwitchesDescriptionA high quality earphone with TFZ the 3rd generation driver. The KING series is the most popular monitor series for the TFZ brand. After several generations of upgrades, the launch of the KING EDITION is even..