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Brand: ToneKing Model: 600ohm
Toneking TO600 600ohm High impedance MMCX Detachable Metal HIFI EarbudsDescriptionThe edge of the speaker diaphragm adopts three different biomaterial composite diaphragm edges, the middle dome adopts the noble metal inlet membrane to output high frequency, the driver tri-band separation is good..
Brand: ToneKing Model: 400ohm
TONEKING TO400s 400ohm High Impedance HiFi Audiophile MMCX Detachable Metal EarbudDescriptionFeature: graphene diaphragm, 400Ω, 112dB, detachable cable, metal sound cavity and strengthen rubidium magneticThere is high quality, clear and melodious, right on the bestMatte black surface treatment ..
Brand: ToneKing Model: high impedance Earbud
TONEKING High Impedance 65ohm 150ohm 200ohm HiFi EarbudsDescriptionSound cavity shellThe metal cavity provides excellent sound reflection, enough hardness, effectively suppress resonance loss, and enhance high fidelity tone.Open tuningSound field is ambitious and open, feel loos..
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Brand: ToneKing Model: UNICORN
TONEKING UNICORN Dynamic Driver Audiophile MMCX Detachable Cable EarbudDescriptionShell appearance High gloss gritty process, the metal cavity provides excellent sound reflection, enough hardness, effectively suppress resonance loss, and enhance high fidelity tone.Double cavity tuningOn the b..
Brand: ToneKing Model: MRZ IEM
MusicMaker Tomahawk MrZ Dynamic Driver High Fidelity In-ear Metal Earphone Description Equipped with 10mm large dynamic driver, high fidelity to restore the original sing style, warm and thick, rely mainly on medium frequency of human voice while the instrument and the su..
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Brand: ToneKing Model: TO300
MusicMaker TONEKING TO300 300 Ohm Audiophile Metal Flat-Head EarbudDescriptionThere are 2 cable version optional: one is Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated cable version , the other one is Oxygen free copper silver-plated cable version .300 ohm high impedance with pure voice coil winding resist..
Brand: ToneKing Model: TP16
MusicMaker TONEKING TP16 32Ω  High Quality Flat Head Earbuds          Description  Sound features: wide soundstage, musical instruments structured, good position. Pure music is Clean and very solemn, ethereal, elegant, melodious sounds..
Brand: ToneKing Model: Ting
MusicMaker Ting Full Metal Cover HiFi Flat Head Earphone  Earbuds Description Metal front cover,extra-wide soundstage Tuning: HiFi balanced direction Under the premise of low-frequency elasticity, focusing on the human voice and high-frequency extension, unique metal front cavi..
Brand: ToneKing Model: MRZ Earbud
MusicMaker Tomahawk MrZ High-Fidelity Sound Quaility  Alloy Flat Earbuds Earphones Description Appearance Material This earphone began to design from the beginning of 2014, from the metal alloy shell CNC machining, production, modification, surface oxidation treatment plating mat..
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