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TOPPING E50 MQA Decoder ES9068AS 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 USB DAC HiFi Headphone Amplifier with Remote Control



Hi-Res Audio


THD+N 0.00009%

USB supports up to DSD512 Native & DSD256 DoP & PCM768kHz

MQA decode for USB, coaxial and optical inputs

Selectable RCA & TRS output

Ultra-low noise preamp

Remote control


Can be fully approved and authenticated in the studio.

After capturing the recording, MQA folds the file to make it small enough to stream. It is called “Music Origami”.

MQA will pay back on any device to deliver higher than CD-quality. When paired with an MQA decoder, the MQA file reveals the original master recording.

MQA full decoder

Products with a full MQA Decoder, like D90SEDAC, unfold the file to deliver the highest possible sound quality. At this level of playback you are hearing what the artists created in the studio-with precise file and platform-specific DAC compensation and management.

*Visit www. for more information about MQA

The sound quality is good enough for all kinds of applications

With the help of careful design and adjustment, E50 provides a distortion as low as 0.00009% and a dynamic range of 126dB, providing you with perfect sound quality. This also makes E50 suitable for applications: high-fidelity PC-HIFI system, mobile phone/tablet OTG, CD player/turntable external DAC, digital broadcasting external DAC, TV DAC and so on.

ES9068AS DAC Chip

E50 uses the latest high performance DAC chip ES9068AS. With our excellence in design and engineering, it provides realistic and transparent sound quality.

USB supports DSD512 & PCM768kHz high resolution audio

USB input of E50 has a wide range of compatibility: Windows 10, MAC, Linux, IOS, Android can be plug and play. Only for Windows ASIO applications, you need to install the driver and set it up.

USB input has the best performance of E50. It uses XMOS 2nd 16-core processor XU216, which brings the support of 32bit768kHz PCM, DSD512 native high-resolution audio and MQA full decoding. Even in ASIO application, we have customized Thesyon driver for Win10(The sampling rate supported by different OS may vary due to the OS itself).

Coaxial and optical(Toslink) also has good performance

On the E50, the traditional optical and coaxial input not only supports 24Bit1 92kHz PCM, but also supports Dop DSD64 and MQA rendering.

Ultra-low jitter for USB inputs, jitter is no longer anxious

Using CPLD to process the clock and greatly optimize the digital signal, achieved incredible jitter suppression capabilities. The use of new technology makes the femtosecond crystal and external clock no longer needed to suppress jitter.

5V power supply anytime and anywhere

E50 uses a DC5V power supply, which can be easily accessed almost everywhere. You can power it up by USB port of PC, mobile phone charger or even a power bank.

Note: the product does not provide a 5V power adapter.

All inputs support Auto On/Off function

E50 auto On/Off function, it will automatically turn on and set to the input which the signal is valid. And when the signal of E50's selection is not valid for 1 minute, E50 will turn off automatically.

Selectable output ports

E50 has full balanced TRS output and single ended RCA output. You can choose "TRS only", “RCA only" or “TRS + RCA” output to meet different usages in the multiple systems.

*Please note that the TRS output of E50 does not support any adapter to convert to single-ended, nor can it be directly connected to headphones.

Preamplifier function

E50 has preamplifier function so you can control the output volume on the remote control. This will provide great convenience when connected to a power amplifier or monitor speakers. And also help you leave the budget for a preamplifier.

L50 will be the best headphone amplifier for E50

L50 and E50 have fully matched design languages and styles, and signals can transmit in balanced by TRS. L50 is suitable for almost all kinds of headphones.

Due to shooting, lighting and other reasons, the photos may have chromatic aberration, please refer to the actual product.



PCM: 44.1kHz-768kHz/16Bit-32Bit

DSD: DSD64-DSD512(Native), DSD64-DSD256(DoP)

MQA: full decode

Coaxial/OPT IN

PCM: 44.1kHz-192kHz/16Bit-24Bit


MQA: renderer decode

E50 decoding parameters (USB IN @96kHz)


THD+N(A-weight): <0.0001%@1kHz

THD(no-weight 90kBw): <0.0003%@20-20kHz

SNR(A-weight): [email protected]

Dynamic range(A-weight): [email protected]

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB); 20Hz-40kHz(±0.3dB)

Output level: [email protected]

Noise(A-weight): <1.3ɥVrms

Crosstalk: [email protected]     1kHz

Channel balance: 0.3dB

Output impedance: 20Ω


THD+N(A-weight): <0.00009%@1kHz

THD(no-weight 90kBw): <0.0003%@20-20kHz

SNR(A-weight): [email protected]

Dynamic range(A-weight): [email protected]

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB); 20Hz-40kHz(±0.3dB)

Output level: [email protected]

Noise(A-weight): <2.3ɥVrms

Crosstalk: [email protected]     1kHz

Channel balance: 0.3dB

Output impedance: 100Ω



Remote control

DC cable

USB cable

Note: the product does NOT provide a 5V power adapter

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