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Brand: Whizzer Model: A-HE03
Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 Dynamic Driver + 2BA Triple Driver Hybrid 2pin Detachable HiFi In-Ear EarphoneDescription Ultra HD experience the high-resolution Knowles balanced armature drivers , provides an experience through a complete sense of details in both mid and high frequencies .Aluminum-magn..
Brand: Whizzer Model: A15Pro
Whizzer Haydn A15Pro Wide Frequency Vocals MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone Description Sophisticated, only for the higher pursuit "Why choose a higher cost of single crystal copper" Single crystal copper can significantly reduce the front-end requirements in the situation of same impedanc..
Brand: Whizzer Model: Leather Case
Whizzer Leather Storage Protective Carry Earphone Case For HiFi Earphones IEMsDescriptionThe earphone storage box is made from Whizzer brand that is original authentic.Whizzer storage Earphone box with excellent materials and exquisite workmanship.Designed to custom fit your small electronic dev..
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