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Brand: xDuoo Model: BD34301
Xduoo XD-05PRO Built-in ROHM BD34301 DAC Card Module Vocal Tuning for XD-05Pro Headphone AMPDescriptionUPSTART DAC FROM ROHM'S BD34301 EKV RESTORE THE DELICATE AND SWEET VOICEThe BD34301EKV DAC card, specially designed for pop voice, pays more attention to the optimization of mid-frequency, ..
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Brand: xDuoo Model: AK4499EX
Xduoo XD-05PRO Built-in AKM AK4499EX DAC Module For XD-05Pro Headphone AMPDescriptionAKM AK4499EX tuning tailored for small ensembleAfter installing the AK4499EX DAC card on the XD05PRO, the instrument sounds become more vibrant and clear, female vocals gain an ethereal quality wit..
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Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05plus2
xDuoo XD05 PLUS2 AK4493SEQ DSD256/PCM384kHz Bluetooth USB/Coaxial/Optical DAC Desktop Headphone AmplifierDescriptionNew upgrade, new experience1200mW output powerPCM384kHz, DSD256/MQASN 121dBEQ adjustmentDigital volumeInterchangeable amp chipTwo USB system UAC1.0/UAC2.0Bluetooth 5.1Multiple audio ..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Pro
xDuoo XD-05Pro ES9039SPRO DSD512 Bluetooth USB/AES/Coaxial/Optical DAC Desktop Headphone AmplifierDescriptionHard nucleus, flagship configuration, strong performanceBecause XD05Pro is free to change DAC operational amplifier chips, it can bring it a variety of sound styles.Flagship DAC ES9039SP..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XP-2 Bal
Xduoo XP-2 Bal ES9018K2M CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 DAC 4.4mm Balanced Portable Audiophile Headphone AmplifierConfigurationXU208 ES9018K2MCSR8675Bluetooth 5.0NFC4.4mm balanced outputUSB DAC double-sided 2.5D glassMicrophoneHi-ResMulti-color indicatorLDACProfessional power amplifier circuit, powerf..
Brand: xDuoo Model: Link2 Bal
xDuoo Link2 Bal Dual CS43431 DSD256 Type-C To 3.5mm/4.4mm Decoding Portable Headphone AmplifierDescription 270mW output power3.5mm, 4.4mm balanced outputCS43431*2SNR 127dBDSD256High power amp chipReplaceable USB cableMultimedia optimization1.0/2.0 two UAC modeStill high power outpu..
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Brand: xDuoo Model: for Xduoo XD-05Bal
PU Leather Protective Case for Xduoo XD-05Bal Description According to the physical designThe real machine is tailor-made, highly fit and tightly fitted.Excellent workmanshipThe case is made of super fiber PU leather, through more than 60 processes and fine craftsmanship, care for the amplif..
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Brand: xDuoo Model: MT-604
xDuoo MT-604 XLR/4.4mm Balanced 6J1 Tube High Performance Headphone AmplifierDescription Balanced tube headphone amplifierAdopt four 6J1 tube for pre-amp, making voice sweet and exquisite. Adopt transistors for Class-A buffer, strong output power can easily drive any kind earphones.About tub..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Bal
Xduoo XD-05Bal 32bit/768KHz USB DSD512 Bluetooth Portable HiFi Balanced DAC Headphone AmplifierDescription Fully balanced circuitThe fully balanced from digital to analog circuit, eliminating noise interference and crosstalk between sounds caused by shared ground wires, greatly improving se..
Brand: xDuoo Model: Link2
xDuoo Link2 Type-C To 3.5mm DSD256 ESS9118EC Decoding Portable Headphone AmplifierDescriptionOutput power up to 150mWThe output power of the Link is 32mW@32ΩThe output power of the Link2 is 150mW@32Ω150mW@32Ω output power easily drive your headphonesModel: Sony M7, minimum power requireme..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic 32bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Coaxial/Optical Portable Audio Headphone AmplifierDescription 500mW putput powerPersonal sound enhancementHiFi audio DACEasy operationUnrestricted connectionsXMOSXUF208Extend Bluetooth 5.0DSD 256DXD384High audio performance for game and videoThe..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XP-2Pro
XDUOO XP-2Pro CSR8675 Bluetooth USB DAC HiFi Audiophile Portable Headphone Amplifier with NFC DescriptionLDACMulti-color indicatorHi-ResMicrophoneDouble-sided 2.5D glassUSB DAC8H battery life NFC Bluetooth 5.0CSR8675 ES9018K2MXU208Professional power amplifier circuit, powerful output..
Brand: xDuoo Model: Link
xDuoo Link Type-C To 3.5mm ESS9118EC Decoding Portable Headphone Amplifier Adapter CableDescriptionHi-Res audio Link conforms to Hi-Res audio standard, support up to 32Bit/384kHz, DSD256 audio input, the SNR reach to 115dB, which improves the sound quality of mobile output, and also solves the e..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XD-05Plus
xDuoo XD-05Plus 32bit/384KHz DSD HiFi Bluetooth Portable Audio Headphone AmplifierDescriptionMulti-scenario useNo matter where you are, you can enjoy the high quality music.1000mW output power1000mW output power (32ohms load), comparable to desktop headphone amplifier, easy to drive high impedan..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XQ-50
xDuoo XQ-50 ES9018K2M CS8406 Aptx Bluetooth USB DAC Audio Receiver Converter DescriptionBluetooth 5.0Stable and Faster TransmissionBluetooth 5.0, aptxAdopts the QCC3008 Bluetooth chip made by Qualcomm company, support Bluetooth 5.0 which can ensure the faster and stable transmission.Supports PC..
Brand: xDuoo Model: TA-05
xDuoo TA-05 High Performance Stereo Tube Headphone AmplifierDescriptionAdopt double 6JI tube for pre-amp, making voice sweet and exquisiteAdopt transistors for class A buffer, so it can easily drive any kind of earphones with strong load capacity. About tube + transistor amplifierTube amplifie..
Brand: xDuoo Model: X-C07
xDuoo X-C07 Type-C to USB A Female OTG Cable for Mobile Phone/DAP/AMP..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XP-2
xDuoo XP-2 24bit/192khz PCM Bluetooth 5.0 & USB DAC HiFi Audiophile Portable Headphone AmplifierDescriptionBluetooth 5.0HD Bluetooth TransmissionHigh Performance USB DecodingIndependent DAC2 Gain AdjustmentBluetooth 5.0 HD Signal TransmissionSupport high-definition signal transmission, ..
Brand: xDuoo Model: XQ-20
xDuoo XQ-20 HiFi Portable Headphone Amplifier for Mobile Phone with High Impedance IEM DescriptionSmall and Thin, High ThrustSolve the problem that your phone/player can not drive superior headphonesThick: 1cm;   Weight: 85g2-Setting Gain, Bass boost ON/OFFSet GAIN according to the h..
Brand: xDuoo Model: Poke
XDUOO XD-10 Poke DSD256 32BIT / 384KHZ Decoding Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier DescriptionPOKE HiFi “God Pet” ,Full-featured portable decoding amp integrated machineBeautiful, not fancy, but more bright to showLight and compact as WalkmanAs almost big as Sony A series Walkman, button lay..
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