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Xduoo XD-05Basic

Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
Xduoo XD-05Basic
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  • Brand: xDuoo
  • Model: XD-05Basic
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Xduoo XD-05Basic 32bit/384KHz USB DSD DAC Coaxial/Optical Portable Audio Headphone Amplifier


500mW putput power

Personal sound enhancement

HiFi audio DAC

Easy operation

Unrestricted connections


Extend Bluetooth 5.0

DSD 256


High audio performance for game and video

The portable XD-05Basic provides high-quality and high performance for game audio and video with its compact structure. It is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets or any smart devices, and provides enhanced audio experience for PC, PS4, XBOX and other gaming platforms.

Immersive experience

Professional digital and analog circuits create vivid surround sound effects on headphones and active loudspeakers, giving you an upper hand to take the lead in each game.

HD digital audio decoding smooth and subtle sound with high fidelity

Built-in mainstream ES9018K2M DAC supports high- resolution sampling rate of PCM up to 32-bit/384kHz, and up to DSD256 for high-fidelity playback of original audio, and listeners can discover hidden details and subtleties while playing games, watching movies or listening to music.

*Digital audio processor>DAC>low pass filter>voltage amplifier>current amplifier>headphones

500mW output power, sufficiently powering headphones

The OP + Class A amplifier circuit, which has been widely praised by audiophiles, provides 500mW power and can effectively driving headphones with an impedance of 16Ω-600Ω from in-ear headphones to studio headphone, allowing you to enjoy more audio details about the treble, midrange and bass.

Personal sound enhancement system, flexibly compatible with headphones of different impedances

The headphone output adopts an on- demand design to flexibly match your headphones with the correct output power, optimizing the playback volume when you play games or listen to music, while reducing the output distortion of the computer at high volume and respond quickly without increasing background noise.

Heavy bass and big sound stage to reproduce bursting sound

Hardware-accelerated bass switch brings the magnificent scenes in games and action movies to reappear together with shocking sound effects. Whether triple-A games or Hollywood movies are more magnificent and immersive.

Custom sound effects to meet personal preferences

XD-05Basic inherits the structure of the XD-05series which you can freely replace the operational amplifiers to achieve your favorite features of sound quality.

Free music style

The different settings of 2PCM and 4 DSD digital filters bring different sound effects, allowing users to choose the frequency response curve, including warm and soft, transparent and precise. And more flexibility to choose and experience different sound effects is offered.

Improve the quality of Low-Bit rate music

Through starting the hardware SRC function, the low bit rate audio file is upgrade to 48kHz/96kHz with its details extensively optimized, restoring the musical details and making the sound more authentic and smooth.

Strong connectivity for game and video

PS4: optical input, headphone

PC: Type-C USB, optical input, headphone

Switch: Line input, headphone

X-box: optical input, headphone

Easy to operate and understand dual power supply for mobile and desktop device

When going out, the built-in 3.7V/4000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery provides enough power for not less than nine hours of continuous use. The users when indoors only need to switch the power switch to EXTE to use external power supply such as power bank or USB charging, significantly extending the use time.

Screen lighting, easy to notice

The 0.91 inch OLED display clearly shows the audio sampling rate, input interface, power and DAC filter status. The red volume control knob with backlight design can also indicate low battery status, giving you a good visual experience even in poor light conditions.


DAC Chip: ES9018K2M

Gain: +6dB/9dB/16dB

SNR: 115dB

Bass boost: 0/+6dB

Frequency Response

USB/Optical/Coaxial: 20Hz~ 20kHz(±0.5dB)

AMP: 10Hz~60kHz(±0.5dB)


USB: 0.0025%@1kHz

Coaxial: 0.0025%@1kHz

Optical fiber: 0.0025%@1kHz

AUX IN: 0.0018%@1kHz

Output power: 500mW(32Ω load)

Crosstalk: ³75dB

Charging time: fast charging 1.2A<5 hours, slow charging 500MA< 11 hours

Playback time: USB IN>9H AUX IN> 16H, coaxial/optical fiber> 12H

USB Sampling Rate

PCM: 16- 32bit/44.1-384kHz

DSD: DOP/NATIVE mode, DSD64-256

DXD:24-32 bit/352.8-384kHz

Optical/coaxial sampling rate PCM: PCM: 16-24Bit/44.1-192kHz

Applicable system: Win7, Win8, Win10, Mac OS X, IOS, Android system


XD -05 Basic

USB Type-C cable

USB Type-C to Type-C OTG cable

USB C to micro USB OTG cable

USB Type A to Type-C plug

6.5mm to 3.5mm jack plug

10 pcs silicone feet

Magic glue

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