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Xiaomi QTEJ02JY Hybrid Pro

Out Of Stock Xiaomi QTEJ02JY Hybrid Pro - QTEJ02JY

Xiaomi 2 Dynamic Driver& Balanced Armature Hybrid Pro HiFi In-ear Earphone


Double Dynamic and balanced Armature, triple drivers sound, hear more details

  • The new xiaomi Hybrid Pro earphones unique double " Dynamic " driver + " balanced Armature " driver, the three driver together into the same headset, double "Dynamic" mellow bass, sound more solid and stable, graphene Material to join, let the details of the sound more abundant. " balanced Armature " treble translucent, stable and natural, feel the tri-band balance of the true nature of the sound, with the sound of flowing, put the Buddha exposure to nature, hear these details, so that the sound began to touch the heart.

Tri-band more balanced, more natural sound

  • In order to truly achieve high, medium and low tri-band balance, Xiaomi Hybrid Pro joined the double " Dynamic driver, the big dynamic in the low-frequency, small dynamic is responsible for high-frequency. And then "balanced Armature " with the driver, the low-frequency deep dive headphones, IF sound solid, and high-frequency details of the show more abundant. Those who just good voice, listen to the ears, all in my heart.

Graphene diaphragm, so that more dynamic strength

  • We hear the vast majority of instruments, vocals are in the low-frequency band. In order to make this part of the sound more balanced, contagious, We are by the use of graphene diaphragm double dynamic driver to be responsible, more low-frequency more solid, both rich and detailed expression.
  • Graphene is currently the thinnest known material in nature, the highest strength of the material, the conduction of sound fast, it will be used as diaphragm material, high-frequency extended performance better, rich details, clear and natural sound, more penetration force. While the intensity is 100 times the circle of hybrid, 100% can restore the current signal, the real issue of high fidelity sound.

The new design of balanced Armature driver, high-frequency analysis is good, the details are not distorted

  • Xiaomi Hybrid Pro "balanced Armature" driver are still using independent research and development of the "balanced armature + drive rod" structure, so that the sound delicate real, more stable, and then the role of capacitor divider, so high mediant bass convergence better distortion Less, no matter when you listen to what kind of music, delicate feelings will be accurate reduction, listening to each song is like reading every story, always touched ourselves.

A variety of scientific tuning, so that the sound more fresh, warmer

  • Good musicians will be emotional and life in the most authentic way, into music for everyone, each song is a story, engraved in their memories, in order to make the story better expression, Xiaomi hybrid earphone Pro On the basis of scientific objective tuning, and once again invited to won four Grammy Awards Luca Bigardi, for the XIAOMI hybrid Pro subjective tuning.

The new earphone design

  • When the headset really for the sound service, the design will no longer just decorate the appearance of the props headphones, he will become part of the auxiliary sound, Xiaomi hybrid Pro rounded design style. 45 ° oblique angle of the ear design, while meeting the comfort while ensuring the integrity of the sound presentation. Precision metal cavity design, so that the music sink in the ear, more sound texture, elastic TPE scrub wire selection, so that the headset is more durable, to ensure long-term use of headphones.

45 ° bevel in ear, comfortable to wear

  • Good design needs inspiration, and inspiration from life, in order to lock the sound of inspiration, Xiaomi hybrid Pro will designed with 45°oblique in ear canal, better fit in ear canal, to meet the wear comfort at the same time May reduce the external sound interference, to eliminate the interference of external sounds, without reservation to listen to their favorite music.

All-metal wire, touch the fingertips of a good feeling

  • Xiaomi hybrid Pro with Micro-wire from the headset overall design style, all metal matte warhead shape, compact, Shiatsu button mellow and comfortable, listening to music at the same time, better sense of metal on the fingertips.

New elastic frosted cable, more durable

  • Xiaomi hybrid Pro selection TPE material as a earphone wire , TPE as a highly elastic material with rubber,TPE is environmentally friendly non-toxic, soft touch, temperature and other characteristics, with it made of headphone cable, will be more tensile, Durable and not easily wound.

Comfortable soft earplugs

  • Xiaomi hybrid Pro ear plugs choose the nipple-class silicone material, soft and smooth touch, reducing the stimulation of the skin on the ear, so that the skin feel more intimate, while providing four pairs of different sizes of earbuds, so that wearers according to different needs

Every process, in order to be worthy of a good voice

  • With the ingenuity of each product, even if the process is difficult and complex, is still full of fighting spirit, Xiaomi hybrid Pro birth process is like this, 25 processes to create the metal sound chamber, every detail is carefully polished, one piece diamond cutting , Fine CD carvings, diamond scrub, anodizing, tempered, not miss every detail, and ultimately polished into the ears of the metal works of art, this is Xiaomi hybrid Pro music obsession, the more good products to persistent.

Delicate and gentle, CNC diamond cutting process

  • Xiaomi hybrid Pro is the aluminum alloy voice cavity, using CNC diamond cutting knife forming crafts, machining accuracy up to 001mm, this process in the aluminum alloy processing before the process analysis, select the appropriate cutting tool and cutting the amount of the final will Polished molding, so that the headset has a more delicate moist feel.

CD pattern precision engraving, so that the metal is more shine

  • Xiaomi hybrid Pro use sophisticated CD pattern processing, fine texture to 0.14mm, the distribution of metallic luster, just like the headset fingerprints, such as precision grinding, only to Xiaomi hybrid Pro more texture, so that metal is more brilliant Gleaming.

Diamond sandblasting, anodized, rugged work of art

  • The use of surprise diamond scrub, reinvest Xiaomi hybrid Pro more meticulous appearance, effectively guarantee the headset surface hardness, easy to scratch. The factory will be in the Xiaomi hybrid Pro surface to increase the anodic treatment to ensure that the rate of appearance and wear resistance, 6μ anode thickness, strong, wear-resistant, so good voice to convey works of art.

More than 700 quality tests

  • With more than 700 harsh tests above industry standards, each test has witnessed Xiaomi hybrid Pro high-quality, from the music quality to design innovation, to craftsmanship, a good collection of all the highlights of headphones, are only for To give users a better music experience and use of experience, good sound, must be tempered.


  • Product Name: Xiaomi hybrid Pro
  • Product Type: QTEJ02JY
  • Headset type: in ear canal
  • Product Net Weight: 17g
  • Product color: silver
  • Wire control function: Yes
  • Connection length: 1.25m
  • Plug type: 3.5mm
  • Rated power: 5mW
  • Speaker impedance: 32Ω
  • Headset sensitivity: 98dB
  • Frequency response range: 20-40,000Hz
  • Implementation of standards: Q / WMSX004-2016


  • Xiaomi hybrid Pro
  • 3 pairs of eartips
  • Carrying Bag

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