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Xiaomi QTER01JY Hybrid IEM

Xiaomi QTER01JY Hybrid IEM - QTER01JY

Xiaomi Dynamic and Balanced Amature Hybrid IEM  In-Ear Earphone With Remote Control


A headset two sound unit: Dynamic driver and Amature driver

Moving coil and moving iron double sound unit, more musical detail

Armature driver : Patents structure, to reproduce the real sound of dolphins

In order to show the more delicate treble, we redesigned the iron unit, its high sensitivity, better transient response, good resolution of high frequency sound, and the tiny treble is not distortion.

Self-developed patented armature driver structure, high-precision assembly technology, making unit volume lighter; patented one-piece "armature + drive lever" structure, avoided the solder off, and more solid, sound stable, low distortion. We also joined the capacitive divider for it, natural convergence of high- Alto -bass sound.

Armature driver make musical expression becomes rich, The easily neglected details, like soprano ventilation techniques now can hear clearly.

Dynamic driver : metal composite diaphragm, bass surging shock

We heard the vast majority of instruments, vocals, are in low frequency band. In order to make this part of the sound more balanced and infectious, we are to be responsible by the dynamic driver, using patented "sandwich" diaphragm structure: the middle layer selected the quality is super light, fast acoustic conductance of titanium, bring crisp texture hearing, the two outer layers PET material is soft and elastic, with a warm and mellow tenor and strong and powerful bass.

Fourth Grammy studio master subjective acoustic tuning

Really good headphones is the bridge of the music creators and the public, it is not only associated with the acoustic technology, is also inseparable from a deep understanding of the music. To this end, we have adopted a variety of scientific tuning process: First, objective tuning technically, through software simulation calculation, Klippel diaphragm movement speed optical scanner, simulation artificial head recording and other professional means, and constantly on the headset structure, diaphragm dynamic modification, amended to get better acoustic data.

Moreover, in order to better integrate into the emotional understanding of music, we invite Luca Bignardi: won four Grammy Awards, subjective tuning hybrid headphones.

20 steps to create the metal sound chamber

We followed the xiaomi piston headphones’ metal element, after diamond cutting, CD pattern sculpture, drawing, anodizing and other 20 craft polished, from a metal rod, reborn as a high texture metal sound chamber, even long time use is not easy to wear and discoloration. The curve of the headset appearance after repeated design carved, wearing comfortable and fashionable.

CNC technology

A integrated diamond cutting, machining accuracy up to 0.01mm, more exquisite moist feeling.

CD pattern

Thin to 0.14mm of CD pattern, bring more texture metallic luster.

Rigorous artificial inspection

Each procedure can be carried out by artificial to ensure that each component is smooth, uniform texture, consistency chamfer.

Wire microphone, clear phone call quality

MEMS microphones, reduce phone call noise

Compact MEMS microphone with 58dB (A) of high SNR, which means better call quality, do not hand the microphone close to the mouth can clearly and no noise. Wire adopt unilateral design near the face, easier to control, and is compatible xiaomi mobile phone.

Kevlar wire, tensile, durable

Earphone cable using Kevlar fiber, the same with xiaomi piston, as body armor raw materials, has a strong toughness, more tensile anti-pull, effectively extending the service life. Near ear wire end use TPE materials, can reduce friction with clothes, thus reducing friction sound caused by "stethoscope effect".

Comfortable wearing feeling ,comfortable listening

We specially equipped with three different sizes of eartips (XS / S / L), and the choice of the nipple-grade silicone material, reduce skin irritation. You can choose freely according to their ears size, with the appropriate size can form a closed environment in order to reduce sound leakage. Headphones used the bevel into design, in contact with the ear with soft plastic material, it will not feel cold in winter. To squeeze the ear when worn longer, we have gone through repeated precisely designed to give a suitable surface curvature, forget the existence of the headset while listening to music and even, enjoy intoxicated.

More than 700 quality tests

More than 700 stringent test than the industry standard, is for the feeling when you get the xiaomi iron circle earphone. Anti-swing, hoist capability tests simulate the everyday use of various scenarios, such as the rejection of headphones; high and low temperature test is to ensure the normal use under extremely hot and cold environments.

APP smart burn

Xiami headphones already have a better sound quality. But like all high-end headphones, "burn" is a way to reach quality potential, after the adaptation of the audition, can achieve stable and mature faster sound level.

Perhaps you know nothing about burn, it does not matter, 1MORE acoustics specially developed for the primary user "burn assistant" APP: Simply plug in your headphones can be a key to intelligent burn, but also can freely choose to burn native audio, volume and duration according to your personal needs.


Model : QTER01JY


Remote Control: Yes

Wire Core Material: Enamelled copper

Speaker Impedance :32Ω

Headphones Sensitivity :101dB

Plug : 3.5mm gold-plated

Rated Power: 5mW

Implementation of standards GB / T 14471-2013

Frequency range: 20-20,000Hz

Weight :14g

Cable Length :1.25m

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