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XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) Tube

Out Of Stock XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) Tube - Tube version

XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) Tube 32GB Pure Class-A Transistor AK4495 32BIT 768K HiFi Portable Music Player


All aluminum alloy CNC, waterfall curved body
12864 main screen +12832 secondary screen, with glass tube window

A little bit bigger sound field, a little bit smoother

Good sound, first of all, is pleasing, not AP data, perhaps you are tired of the exciting modern sound, want to enjoy relax sweet old taste, which this is for you. What exactly does a tube sounds like? Simply speaking, it is sweet and relaxed resounding, makes female voice lovers unable to give up.

The classic JAN5636

JAN5636 tubes are old, but each filament gives off a charming red glow when lit.5636 has its unique flavor of tubes, compared with the cold crystal tube sound ,it has a yellow rose-like gentle and thick, sweet charm. When you open it, refreshing and sweet aftertaste, relaxing and natural as the breeze on face, cannot help but let you sigh, there are such beautiful things in the world, and you will fall in love with it deeply.

Not only it looks great, but also saturates our 15 years of pursuit of the good voice

In addition to good architecture and parts, designers need a deep understanding and control over the subtle changes in sound. Xuelin has been deeply ploughed for more than 10 years in the audio field, and has accumulated rich tuning experience and analog circuit foundation, which has given the 1969 tube player a fascinating and emotional taste.

Asynchronous upconverter+0.5PS clock

In order to reduce the system jitter, we specially designed based on 203.125k, asynchronous up-converting and then 1/2 down-clocking to 101.5625k, local 26mHz ultra-low phase noise (0.5ps) clock as the global master mclk, re-synchronizing the IIS signal to make the jitter Reduced by more than a thousand times, resampling technology greatly reduces out-of-band noise, making the sound background round and pure.

Due to the discreteness of the tubes, each was manually tested based on the National 7705A Distortion Meter, which adjusted the THD to less than 0.4%. 100% 72 hours aging, 3 times heat engine +3 times cold machine test.

For better, we select the world's premium devices
AK4495,Asahi Kasei HI-END grade DAC, built-in 5 kinds of filters, fast, slow, delay filtering, carefully enjoy, each has a different taste.
7pcs Lelon tape-type audio electrolysis has a subtle effect on the phase and response of the high frequency, giving the music a particularly relaxed feeling.
2pcs LME49990 op amp, combined with polymer film capacitors, form an LPF filter with amazing high performance and moisturizing sound quality.


Full format

MP1, MP2,MP3.
FLAC :(Level0..Level8)Bit depth:(16BIT,24BIT)
Sampling frequency:8KHz~192KHz Bit.rate:max 9.6Mbps
APE:C1000(Fast)..C5000(insane)Bit depth:(16BIT,24BIT)
Sampling frequency:8KHz~96KHz Bit rate:max 9.6Mbps
ALAC:(16BIT,24BIT)Sampling frequency:8KHz~192KHz
Bit rate:max 9.6Mbps
Sampling Frequency:8KHz-192KHz


Master: RK-NANO'D DAC: AK4495 FLASH: Built-in 32GB+ expandable 128GB TF card

ASRC.CS8421 asynchronous up-conversion +26MHz 0.5PS MCLK

Filter configuration

Short delay fast attenuation filter / short delay slow attenuation filter

Fast Attenuation Filter / Slow Attenuation Filter / Ultra Slow Attenuation Integrated Filter

LPF: LME49990*2 (THD 0.00001%6)

Voltage amplification: JAN5636*2 thumb tube

Driver: AD8397*2 JFET Op Amp

Battery: 3.7V6000MHh lithium ion battery

Play time: about 9 hours, standard code rate, main and secondary screens off

Main screen: 0.96 inch pure white OLED (128464)

Screen: 0.91 inch white OLED (128+32)

Interface: 3.5mm stereo earphones 2.5mm balanced earphones

Balanced port output level:

Standard power 5.0Vp-p ,

Low power 35Vp-p

Distortion: <0.4%

Frequency response: 20Hz (+1dB) - -20Khz (-1dB)

Signal to noise ratio: 89.5dB

Separation: 79.5dB

Unbalanced port output level:

Standard power 2.50Vp-p

Low power: 1.7Vp-p

Distortion: 0.4%

Signal to noise ratio: 89.5dB

Separation: 79.5dB

Frequency response: 20Hz (+1Db) ---20Khz (-1Db)

Housing: All aluminum alloy CNC, surface pearl sand oxidation

Volume: 125*71*19mm

Weight: 230g


XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) tube


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