Out Of Stock XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) - H6 (IHIFI1969)

XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) 32GB Pure Class-A Transistor AK4495 32BIT 768K HiFi Portable Music Player


Maverick, only belong to a few people

  • There are many types of players on the market, but the most of players focus on the high-definition big screenbut did not explore too many product in the form of tuning and circuit . In view of the love of the classic 1969 sound, XUELIN launched this one based on the transistor 1969 jlh pure class-A amplifier player. Its independent styling and circuit design are destined to be owned by only a few people.
  • HIFI1969 can achieve the built-in 5 kinds of filters of AK4495d, in order to achieve a variety of playing.

AKM high-end decoding chip

Using AKM high-end AK4495 32BIT 768K decoding chip, with 32BIT core hardware decoding and piezoelectric capacitor filter technology, LPE used lme49990 op amp whose THD is 0.00001%.

6000MAH lithium, pure class A

  • 1969 uses the large capacity battery which created portable record, whether it is hundreds of MA's working current, or triode and electrolytic discrete devices in a large number of applications, 1969's design are anti-industrial and its line. Based on the transistor's discretization, each transistor curve must be screened, and each level of current needs to be tuned separately. Therefore, each of the 1969, not only in the engraved history, but also condense the XUELIN designer's feelings and love.

No compression, moisten tuning

  • Its voice is different from any modern sense of the player, and closer to the vinyl. Moisturizing and loose .

No fear of secular eyes

  • 1969 uses a lot of curved surface and waterfall stripes to decorate. . These are a huge challenge in CNC machining and metal surface treatment. We do not count the cost, to achieve the elegant temperament of 1969.


  • Master control: PK-NANOD
  • DAC: AK4495
  • LPF: LME49990 * 2 (THD 0.00001%)
  • Headphone Amplifier: JHL pure class A transistor amplifier
  • Battery: 3.7V6000mah lithium battery
  • Life time: about 11 hours, standard bit rate, main and vice screen off
  • Main screen: 0.96 pure white OLED
  • Vice screen: 0.91 pure white OLED
  • Interface: 3.5mm stereo earphones, 2.5mm balanced earphones

Balance connector

  • Output level: standard power 3.7V rms  ,  low power 1.1V rms
  • Distortion: <0.009%
  • Frequency response: 50-20khz + - 2.5db

Non-balanced connector

  • Output level: standard power 3.6V rms   low power 1.0V rms
  • Distortion: <0.007%
  • Frequency response: 50-20khz + - 2.5db
  • Shell: aluminum alloy CNC, surface pearl sand oxidation
  • Volume: 125 * 71 * 19mm
  • Weight: 220g

HD format support:

MP1, MP2, MP3


     Sampling Frequency: 8KHZ~192KHZ

FLAC: (Level0…Level8)

Bit depth: (16BIT, 24BIT)

Sampling frequency: 8KHZ~192KHZ

Bit rate: max 9.6Mbps

ALAC: (16BIT, 24BIT)

Sampling frequency: 8KHZ~192KHZ

Bit rate: max 9.6Mbps

APE: C1000(Fast)…C5000(Insane)

Bit depth: (16BIT, 24BIT)

Sampling frequency: 8KHZ~96KHZ

Bit rate: max 9.6Mbps

DSD/DFF: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256


  • XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969)

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