Xuelin H8 Tuner Module

Xuelin H8 Tuner Module

Xuelin H8 Tuner OPA1622 Balanced Module for 2.5mm Balanced Output


Xuelin tuner balanced module uses 2 OPA1622 to form BTL output. We have made careful design on the ground wire shielding, component layout and power supply decoupling, and the background noise in the actual test is very low.

Since the earphone is ungrounded in the balanced mode, it has a wider sound field than the single-end amplifier. When matching 2.5mm balanced earbud, its wide and sweet music sense is intoxicating! Thanks to the excellent power management of OPA1622, with the balanced module, the battery life of the tuner will be doubled.

The OPA1622 is a two-channel, bipolar input, SoundPlus audio operational amplifier. This device under the 1 KHZ frequency with a 2.8nV/√Hz) of ultra-low noise density and -119.2 dB low THD + N, but also to the output power of 100 mw drive a 32 Ω load. The OPA1622 has extremely high AC power rejection ratio (PSRR) and common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) specifications to eliminate noise from power sources, so it's very good for portable audio applications.

In addition, the device has a high output drive capability of +145mA/ -- 130mA.
OPA1622 supports a wide power supply voltage range from ±2V to ±18V, and the power supply current of each channel is only 2.6mA. OPA1622 operational amplifiers have stable unit gain and excellent dynamic performance under a wide range of loads.

OPA1622 with turn off mode allows the amplifier to switch from normal operation to a standby current typically less than 5 µA.

This turn-off characteristic is designed to eliminate the click and crackle noise when entering or exiting the turn-off mode.

OPA1622 has a unique internal layout that enables minimal crosstalk and zero interaction between channels even under overdrive or overloads conditions.

Xuelin H8 Tuner LME49990LPF module and capacitive coupling module

The LPF module is an extremely important part of the audio system's influence on the overall tone. After the Tuner is released for half a year, we continue to introduce the Tuner with dual LME49990LPF filter module. The LME49990 is a reference-level audio op amp. It has achieved good effects in the early xuelin 960 dual-core version of the lPF. Its warm and sweet sound has impressed countless fans. In the Tuner, we have specially adjusted the frequency response curve of the LME49990 module to make it more unique.

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