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XUELIN IHIFI100 Pure Class A High Performance Portable HiFi Headphone Amplifier


The latest update

JFET input

Full DC output low frequency pointing directly at 0Hz

28 transistor pure class A amplifiers

Capacitance storage + filtering

Comparable to the large thrust of the machine

0.96OLED display

Extremity low base noise,

AT91SAM7S64 ARM smart power management

Effect of amp

Headphone amplifier is power amplifier specially designed for the headphones, to make headphones performance of its voice-driven standards in full drive. But the amp is not only to increase the output power is generally also used for tuning. Can be connected independent amp to improve the sound quality and change the style of sound.

Characteristics of pure Class A amplifiers

Class A amplifier output stage two (or two group) of the transistor is always in a conductive state. That is regardless of whether signal input or not, they are maintaining conducting current. Class A amplifiers work with excellent linearity. Each output transistors are amplifying full-wave signal. The complete absence of Switching Distortion, even if not administered negative feedback. It's open loop distortion is still very low, so is known as the ideal sound amplifier circuit design. It provides a very smooth sound quality. Sounds warm and transparent treble.

Clean battery

IHIFI100 class a amp uses two li-ion battery, with unlimited low internal resistance, ripple, noise is almost negligible.

Selection, just because we are more rigorous

Pure Class A amplifiers often work at 60 -85 high temperature environment. Therefore, the demand for components and technological level is very strict, Xuelin specifically tailored high-power transistors, and paired screening at 50/100 / 15OMA state so that error is less than 2%

Analog volume potentiometer

IHIFI100 Pure Class A amp is still used analog volume potentiometer, rather than the apparent volume potentiometer encoder. Almost all digital audio volume will bring coloration.

17 large-capacity electrolytic offers luxury power

Thousands layers of film capacitors

IHIFI100 input coupling USES rare Austrian origin thousands layers non-inductive film capacitors, in comparison repeatedly audition, showing silky smooth sound quality. Analog filter capacitor with Panasonic original high-frequency low-impedance FC series aluminum capacitors.

ARM core control

Arm kernel control, highlight OLED display shows the battery, frequency spectrum, charge status. It is also a real-time accurate display power amp (usually amp only roughly judge electricity through luminous tube)

With hundreds of procedures, just for your great experience

The whole machine adopts complex CNC aluminum alloy structure, in order to ensure that the surface perfection joined the refining process after conventional surface treatment, the whole machine look more delicate and exquisite.

Small size

Body size is 64.5 * 110 * 13.4mm, only slightly wider than iPhone5S, more grip and portability.


THD+N(Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise:0.0015% (600ohm 1000mv rms)

SNR:128db 600ohm 1000mv rms

Output interface: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack

Input interface: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack

Output range: high-power mode: 5800mv , low power mode: 920mv

Output power: high power mode: 2600mw , low power mode 16ohm: 50mw

Battery life: about 8 hours (screen off) / 6 hours (screen on)

Charging time: 3 hours

Battery: 7.4V double rechargeable lithium battery

Net Volume: 64.5 * 110 * 13.4mm

Net weight: 145 g


XUELIN IHIFI100 Headphone Amplifier

Silicone rubber band  x 2

Audio Cable

Carrying bag


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