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XUELIN IHIFI780 8GB DSD Wm8740 Lossless Portable Music  Player


  • Ultra-clear sound DSD support advanced decoding Built-in lithium bass boost
  • TRUBASS bass enhancement technology can produce rich, flexible bass; this technology is the first time to applied in the portable devices
  • Sound quality is king
  • Regardless of the cost of 450MOHM polymer filter capacitor, with WM8740 flagship decoder. It took months of tuning and blind listening.
  • Such a mini, configuration is still impressive
  • Xuelin ihifi780 system configuration
  • Wm8740: Wolfson Secondary flagship decoder chip, 120db SNR
  • LMH6643: High Speed ​​(130MHz) Low Distortion (-62dBc) High Output Current (approximately 75mA)
  • The AD8656: one of the industry's lowest noise precision CMOS amplifiers, 2.7nV / Hz at 10kHz
  • MAX97220: Direct Drive output 120mW headphone amplifier, THD + N90dB, 18-bit SNR performance of 112Db
  • Xuelin ihifi780 balanced LPF output.
  • Xuelin ihifi780 Rigorous power handling system
  • Can withstand the test of low background noise
  • Thanks to years of hardware configuration and power processing experience, IHIFI780 bottom noise below the majority of several times its price portable audio source.
  • A great boost with ease
  • Xuelin ihifi780 with MAX professional amp and KEMET polymer power supply filter, the output up to 12OMW 12 12MW, the general over ear headphones can play.
  • Can press, can turn
  • In order to solve the problem of small machine control, we have designed an integrated volume and up and down the song in one multi-function knob, and its unique mechanical feel, more attractive
  • Playing Life about 15 hours
  • Fun to do entertainment
  • XUELIN specially customized Huawei chip HB5KI 135OMAH, with intelligent power management technology to meet the 15-hour continuous play, so you play all day.
  • Simple custom UI new interface
  • 0.96-inch pure white OLED display, simple.
  • Xuelin ihifi780 boot just 1 second
  • A piece of aluminum alloy, through the 64 times CNC process, after grinding, drawing, surface oxidation, the ultimate success of the school 780 so luxurious integrated aluminum alloy body


  • Shell: the whole aluminum alloy CNC, the surface drawing oxidation
  • Screen: OLED 0.96 inch white screen
  • Built-in memory: 8GB (TF card expansion to 128GB)
  • Amp: MAX9722
  • Output power: 120MW + 120MW
  • SNR: 102DB
  • DAC: WM8740
  • LPF: LMH 6643 * 2 + AD8656
  • Channel separation: 93DB
  • Built-in battery: 1350MAH
  • Life time: 15 hours
  • Frequency response: (20-2000OHZ + -0.5DB, open the bass upgrade, 20-50HZ upgrade 6DB)
  • Hardware Effects: TRUBASS Bass Boost Switch Dual Tuner Output and Line Out Line Out

Full format playback

  • Support for dsd / 192k full-format player
    Supported Formats: MP1, MP3 , MP3
  • WAV : PCM (8BIT , 16BIT , 24BIT ) MS-A D P CM ( 4BIT )
    IMA-ADPCM ( 3BIT , 4BIT ) Sampling Frequency : SKHZ~192KHZ
  • APE : C1000 ( fast ) , C2000 ( Normal ) , C3000 ( High) ,
    C4000 ( Extra High ) , C5000 ( Insane ) Bit depth : ( 16BIT , 24BIT )
  • Sampling frequency: 8KHZ~192KHZBit rate : max 9.6Mbps
  • FLAC : ( Level0 , Level1 , LeveI2 , LeveI3 , Level4 , Level5 , LeveI6 , LeVel7 , LeVeI8 ) Bit depth16BIT , 24BIT )
    Sampling frequency : 8KHZ~192KHZ Bit rate : max 9 . 6Mbps
  • ALAC : ( 16BIT , 24BIT ) Sampling frequency : 8KHZ~192KHZ Bit rate : max9 . 6Mbps
  • DSF / DFF : DSD64 , DSD128 , DSD256
  • Size: 60 * 80 * 13MM
  • Weight: 95g


  • USD cable


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