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New Aune B1s

AUNE B1S Class A Hi-Fi Audiophile Portable Headphone Amplifier (Upgrade Version)


  • Aune team create a fully separated class A portable headphone amplifier for reproducing high sound quality
  • Using a linear fully discrete amplifier, Class A output bias, adjustable gain and output current control, aune successfully applied the excellent all-discrete Class A technology to portable amp
  • HIFI portable player and HIFI phone ideal sound quality upgrade peripherals
  • HIFI portable player can not make the internal headphone amplifier very excellent because the size and volume; B1S is a portable pure HIFI headphone amplifier, connected to the portable audio player output to enhance the sound quality of the player
  • B1S Regeneration warm and soft sound
  • B1S can be easily connected to the HIFI player and high-quality phone LINE OUT port, the use of a special type of even-order harmonic characteristics, renewable warm mellow and soft tone
  • Regenerate a greater driving force and headphone adaptation range
  • B1S control switch through the gain switch and current , driving the market most of the headphones and earplugs, connected to your player can expand greater headphones ranges , including HD650, DT990 and SE535, IE80 and other headphones are compatible.
  • B1S uses the whole discrete transistor to form the main amplifier circuit
  • Fully Discrete Components: Amplifiers are designed for fully discrete components. Fully discrete three-level amplifiers have large change rates and transients. The fully discrete component amplifiers feature is having extremely wide frequency response and is characterized by an extremely high frequency extension and rapid low-frequency, at the same time with the level of clear mids.
  • B1S output stage using Class A amplifier bias design
  • B1S has two gain control and two output current setting
  • B1S with two gain control and two output current settings, to adapt to headphones and earplugs, with excellent adaptability, output current control can choose two A class state, play two kinds of voice
  • B1S internal use ± 9V power supply design
  • A good power supply is an important guarantee for the whole amplifier, especially the positive and negative symmetrical power supply is the biggest problem of portable amplifiers, B1S uses a special low ripple high current positive and negative power supply design, making B1S with a super powerful engine, The machine provides a steady stream of power and performance
  • B1S uses the core STM8S MCU for core control
  • B1S uses a core AR8501 central controller chip on the machine status and protection control, control and monitoring the battery, detect the status of the machine and adjust the state in time, B1S is a central control with a portable amplifier. With the relay amp protection circuit
  • B1S using professional wiring
  • B1S motherboard with 4 layers of high-frequency dedicated PCB sheet, aune with a decade of experience in the design of professional engineers to wiring, headphone amplification part of the use of water-based circuit design, the main amplifier circuit mirror symmetry to ensure that the whole left and right channel is completely consistent, high standard HIFI design
  • B1S use audiophile HIFI components
  • B1S HIFI amplifier using high-quality components used in the United States BI conductive Plastic potentiometer, Murata C0G capacitance and ultra-low resistance tantalum electrolysis, B1S is a superior HIFI components portable headphone amplifier
  • The Sound calibration of B1S is processed by a professional audio engineer
  • Professional audio engineers proceed component calibration, use LYRA2, HILO, HUGO and HD800, HD650, RS1, SES535, IE8, K702 headset overall calibration, B1S is multi-headphone compatibility and excellent sound performance
  • Powerful Class A high current working condition
  • 4000mA
  • CLASSA 20mA continuous working 10 hours
  • CLASSA 40mA continuous work for 5 hours
  • B1S has a large battery capacity and continuous battery life
  • B1S using a 4000mA ultra-low resistance lithium battery, the machine is 32 European class 20MW stalls 10 hours of continuous work, 32 European Class 40MW continuous work 5 hours, B1S with a longer portable work battery
  • B1S has a compact size and patented exterior design
  • B1S volume size of 65 * 18 * 110, is a very small size portable amplifier
  • Shape high-quality fashion design, the use of environmentally friendly leather and glass set up the excellent design.
  • B1S uses a full aluminum dug aluminum chassis
  • B1S adopts the whole piece of aluminum block to dig the chassis, six sides CNC, special side 45 ° chute processing time-consuming, the use of drawing anodizing process, the surface character laser engraving, is a high-quality portable amp
  • B1S measured indicators


  • Impedance16-300ohm
  • Frequency response : 20Hz - 20Hz ±0.5Db
  • THD+n: 1KHz 50Ω load 0.0008%
  • Output Power : 300Ω class-A 100mw
  • Background Noise: -110dBV
  • Size65*110*18MM
  • Weight:230g


  • AUNE B1S
  • 3.5-3.5mm cable
  • USB cable

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